Regular Checkups Promote a Healthier Lifestyle

Regular Checkups Promote a Healthier Lifestyle

Going to the hospital for regular checkups is a practical preventive step for healthy living. Knowing developing problems early on supports in proper treatment and recovery.

Pap exam for women when done yearly helps detect any anomalies, precancerous and cancerous cells in the cervix.

Blood pressure and cholesterol checks, when done yearly, help to ensure the vascular activity is well maintained. When not at optimal levels, doctors recommend diet and lifestyle changes.

Skin exams done regularly, help detect any changes or developments in moles and freckles on your body, supporting in early detection and treatment of skin cancer.

Mammogram, once every two years, becomes vital for women after age 40 in preventing and managing breast cancer.

Prostate exam for men after the age of 50 helps in detecting any signs of cancer in the prostate gland and managing any anomalies.

You can book an appointment using our telehealth and visit the hospital for the checkup.

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