Physical and Psychological Effects of Breast Cancer

Physical and Psychological Effects of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer patients can suffer various challenges during their treatment journey towards cure. This may carry an entire spectrum of mixed feelings ranging from “the guilt” of ignoring the early symptoms of breast cancer to “the fear” of losing their breast or even losing their life.

Let alone the physical trauma of surgery that they expose themselves to voluntarily. This usually gives patients the life long memory of the unpleasant event that happened to them at some point in their life.

More importantly, those patients feel so isolated, scarred and concerned about the possibility of cancer coming back.

It is very important to recognise, help and support those patients during and after their cancer treatment journey.

This help can be imitated by “You”

You have the power of choosing the right team who can help you with diagnosing the cancer early, choosing the correct treatment & surgery that tailored specifically for you, link you with an efficient Psychiatry team to smooth out your journey and finally to keep a close eye on you by providing the enhanced screening program to detect early cancer recurrence. 

Because your “health” is a priority.

Authored by:
Wisam Ismail

Wisam Ismail

Consultant Oncoplastic, Reconstructive, Cosmetic Breast & General Surgeon - Director Of Al Barsha

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