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Help your kid get off to a great star

Help your kid get off to a great star

If a child

shows interest

in fasting

at younger

age, he or

she can be


to try.”

Dr Abeer Khayat

Paediatrician, American

Hospital Dubai




◆Provide three well

balanced meals per

day and two small

snacks; make sure

that your child eats

breakfast before

going to school.

◆Get your kids used

to eating at least five

servings of fresh fruits

and vegetables per

day; one serving is the

size of a child’s fist.

◆Avoid sugary drinks,

fast food, and

processed food,

as this can place

your child at risk for

obesity, and can

affect the child’s

general health.

◆Keep your child

physically active

through sports and

free play, at least 30-

60 minutes per day.

◆Avoid long hours on

electronic screens;

keep it limited to two

hours or less per day.

◆Maintain good

sleeping habits

throughout the

year to ensure

normal growth and





American Hospital Dubai

offers high-quality medical

care for children from birth

until 18 years.

The early detection,

prevention and

management of

different medical

conditions, growth and

developmental disorders

can be achieved through

the Childhood Health

Maintenance Programme

in the paediatric clinic.

Care for acute and

chronic illnesses is

provided through

wide range of services

including general

paediatrics, paediatric

surgery, endocrinology,

hematology and


Edited by:
Abeer Khayat

Abeer Khayat

Consultant Pediatrician