Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

Early orthodontic treatment is an answer to solving many dental problems within your child’s developing mouth. As kids grow, their bite and the straightness of their teeth can deviate from normal appearance and functioning. Some dental problems that can be cured with orthodontic treatment might surprise you. These include:

  • Overbites - when the upper front teeth are ahead of the lower front teeth
  • Underbites - when the lower front teeth are ahead of the upper front teeth
  • Crossbites - when the jaw shifts to one side
  • Very crowded teeth
  • Excessively spaced teeth
  • Extra or missing teeth
  • Teeth that join abnormally, or don’t join at all
  • Teeth or jaw growth affected by thumb/finger or pacifier-sucking

The Orthodontic procedure begins earlier now than it used to, while some baby teeth are still present. Early treatment helps mitigate the growing problem, eliminate the cause, direct the growth of facial and jawbones, and provide adequate space for emerging permanent teeth. Depending upon the detection of dental problems, kids as young as age 7 can now be suitable candidates and have better corrective appliances than ever. For example, the embarrassing old metal braces have been replaced with plastic-based (sometimes clear) materials and other minute orthodontic devices for the improvement of alignment of teeth and jaws.

Orthodontists suggest that addressing teeth issues at a younger age can be more effective in the long run. For this reason, parents can plan on routine dental checkups once a year or as advised by the dentist. Here are some of the benefits to start your child’s orthodontic care sooner:

  • Orthodontists are problem-solvers, as they can identify and treat potential issues with your child’s bite, jaw, and problems with spacing.
  • Early commencement of treatment provides results quicker.
  • Promotes growth modification of the jaws.
  • Reduces the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Improves your child’s appearance and confidence.

The bottom line is: the earlier concerns with your child’s jaw or teeth are identified, the easier, quicker and better they can be treated. By just booking an appointment with an Orthodontist or seeking Pediatric Dentistry services at American Hospital Dubai, you’re about to give your child a smile they will feel proud of, for the rest of their lives.

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