First robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery in Dubai

First robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery in Dubai

The patient underwent surgery on both his knees at the same time last week, using the new and most advanced Rosa robotic procedure, now available only at the American Hospital in Dubai.

"ROSA robotic technique is the latest knee replacement system with a robotic arm that assists the surgeon in the procedure. The system helps the surgeon cut the bone more accurately, aligns the knee implant more precisely, and balances the knee in a better way," explained Dr Abuzakuk, the Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at American hospital Dubai who performed this surgery.

The British man expressed his situation " I faced excruciating knee pain for over a year due to degeneration of the knees. The pain had immensely affected my routine life; I could not walk for long or ride the motorbike I loved the most"

Dr Abuzakuk said the patient had tried all medications and other treatment measures to manage the pain. "I advised him to go for knee replacement surgery, introducing him with the new surgery technique using ROSA robotics system that overall enhances the quality of the procedure and thereby providing better results post-surgery."

"In this case, we did the surgery simultaneously on both knees, and the next day the patient stood up with the help of physiotherapy, the doctor added.

Knee replacement procedures

Knee replacement surgery is available in the medical field for around 40-years and has evolved with time. From the freehand techniques using special instruments to get the implant in the correct position to the computer navigation, Robotic knee replacement system, all methods are used to improve the quality of the procedure and prolong the life of the implant.

Dr Abuzakuk said, "The ROSA robotics system is the latest and best system in the market that will improve the longevity of the implant. The patient's mobility and recovery time is enhanced with this sophisticated method because using robotics; we can ensure greater precision, lessening the chances of any faults that may require a further operation."

American Hospital Dubai is the only destination to get a ROSA robotics system that is superior and more accurate than other robotics - navigation-based knee replacement procedures.

"We feel the learning curve on this new system is shorter compared to others. Once this fresh and new technique is up and running and mastered, it will shorten the operation time to about 50 minutes from the usual time of around 70 minutes," the doctor added.

Less operating time, less exposure to anaesthetics, better recovery and durability due to more precision on the alignment of the implant all make it the best system for knee replacement available to date in Dubai.

"This is the highest standard, up-to-date knee replacement technique that is available only in specific health centres around the world in big cities like London and New York."

"In Dubai, we are now offering this sophisticated procedure of knee replacement at our hospital, as we are committed to providing excellence and high service quality and treatment procedures to our patients," Dr Abuzakuk added.

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