C- Section Delivery Package

C- Section Delivery Package

C- Section Delivery Package

AED 28,000

Following Services are included in the Package:

The following Services are covered under the Package (with 4 days stay)

  • Surgeon’s fees
  • Assistant Surgeon’s fees
  • Pre-operative Anesthesia Consultation
  • Anesthesia
  • Operating Room charges
  • CBC x 2
  • Type and Hold
  • Urine Culture
  • Baby’s blood group
  • PKU (PHENYLALANINE Screening) for newborn baby
  • Post Delivery room charges – Mother (4 days)
  • Post Delivery Nursery charges – Baby (4 days)
  • Rounding Fees – Obstetrician (4 days)
  • Pediatrician’s Fees ( At Delivery, Initial Visit & Discharge Visit)
  • Routine Medications (Mother & Baby) up to a total of Dhs 1000
  • Routine Medical Consumables (Mother & Baby) up to a total of Dhs. 3,000
  • Post Partum visit for Mother (after 6 weeks of delivery)
  • First Pediatrician Clinic Visit at one week for Baby.
  • Nurse Clinic / Dressings
  • Audiogram for Baby

If the Mother is twin bearing there will be an additional charge of Dhs.3,200. This is inclusive of

  • Post Delivery Nursery charges – Baby (4 Days)
  • Baby’s blood group
  • Pediatrician’s Fees (At Delivery + Initial Visit + Discharge Visit)
  • First Pediatrician Clinic Visit at one week for Baby
  • Audiogram for Baby
  1. Any test, procedure, visit, medication or consumables other than the ones mentioned above, will be charged for separately.
  2. Any additional tests, medications or stay due to complications will be charged separately.
  3. The Package does not include baby vaccines. Approx Dhs. 300
  4. The Package does not include Circumcision.
  5. If you require an emergency C-Section, there will still be charged for Anesthesia, even if you have already paid for an epidural in labor, as these are two separate Anesthetics.
  6. The Package does not include Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) charges for the baby, any extra resuscitation required for the baby, or extra tests that may need to be performed.
  7. If the husband or a relative stays overnight in the patient’s room, there is a charge of Dhs. 193 per overnight stay and extra charges for any meals ordered.


  1. If you deliver before 11:00 p.m., that is included as the first night.
  2. In the unfortunate circumstances where the Pediatrician has to perform any resuscitation of the baby at delivery, there will be an extra charge.
  3. There will be an extra charge if the Pediatrician attends the delivery.
  4. The routine Post Partum Screen for the newborn only includes screening for Phenylketonuria, Thyroid Disease, and Galactosemia.


  1. The Self Pay Patient is required to pay the entire Package price in advance to the Hospital at the time of signing up.
  2. Pre-authorization from the insurance company/TPA and corporate is required for the package.

For more details on the Maternity Packages, please contact the Admission Office



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