What General Dentists Do

What General Dentists Do

A Day in the Life of a General Dentist: Understanding Their Role in Oral Health

Imagine a day full of elaborate examinations, meticulous procedures, and the joy of making people smile again. This is the reality in general practice dentistry. This branch of healthcare encompasses providing essential dental care to patients of all ages (from toddlers to teens and adults to elders). General dentists are tasked with diagnosing, treating, and overseeing overall oral health requirements, which include regular dental check-ups, cleanings, fillings, extractions, and preventive measures like fluoride treatments and sealants. They also handle common dental concerns such as cavities, gum disease, and oral infections. Should patients require more intricate treatments or procedures, general dentists may refer them to specialists such as general anesthetic dentist. Ultimately, they function as the main liaison for individuals seeking routine dental upkeep and management.


In this blog, we’ll explore what does a general dentist do, and how these professionals contribute to your overall well-being while safeguarding your oral health. Step into their shoes and observe the various duties performed within the dental clinic.


How Does Their Morning Start?

The morning starts with a buzz. Scheduled patients come in each with different issues relating to teeth. They are greeted by the dentist enthusiastically who then conducts a comprehensive medical and dental history review. It helps create rapport with patients as well as provides a route for customized care plans.

Conducting Tests As Part of Their Duty:

With the necessary tools at hand, the dentist then proceeds to conduct several tests. Mouth and throat abnormalities can be detected by oral cancer screenings while X-rays show fine details about teeth and jaw structures. For instance, these examinations reveal cavities, gum disease as well as misalignment or wear-and-tear.

Diagnosis and Treatment Options:

Armed with the diagnosis, clear-cut treatment options would be presented by dentists using understandable language. They give explanations about how procedures going to be performed and answer any questions during this stage. A shared decision ensures clients are actively involved in their journey of oral healthcare

General OPD Consultation

For routine cases, such days might contain professional cleanings to get rid of plaque or tartar build up which brushing only cannot penetrate through. This procedure includes flossing along with fluoride application, thus preventing future complications while ensuring brighter smiles.

Beyond General Dentistry

However, a general dentist’s duties go beyond simple cleanings. Fillings restore damaged teeth, reducing discomfort and maintaining oral health. For teeth that are significantly damaged or impacted, extractions may be required, followed by replacement including bridges or implants. Root canals address infected pulp, rescuing teeth from potential loss.


Each of these procedures demands careful attention to detail, steady hands, and a gentle touch. The dentist often works alongside an experienced dental hygienist who ensures that patients remain comfortable throughout their visit. Together with lasers and other technological advances, modern systems that include digital imaging facilitate efficiency and accuracy in treatment.

Dentistry Under General Anesthetic

A general practitioner dentist also deals with patients requiring complex procedures or having dental phobia. Consultations with nervous patients may be held during the afternoon who suffer dental phobia. During their visit, the dentist listens empathetically while explaining procedures calmly to effectively address the patient’s fears and their oral or dental issues. Trusting one another reduces tension, leading to better treatments and oral hygiene.

General anesthesia in dentistry enables comprehensive dental procedures to be conducted while the patient is in a state of deep sleep. Individuals requiring significant dental restoration, particularly those experiencing fear and anxiety, can find substantial benefits from undergoing general anesthesia.

What Does Their EOD Look Like?

By the end of the day, all types of needs have been attended to by this dentist. Every visit whether routine checkup or complicated procedure contributes towards protecting smiles and boosting well-being in general. This reward comes in watching transformation, seeing new self-assurance after fixing a smile, or looking at relief when someone’s face has no more pain.

All’s Well When There’s American Hospital Dubai!

A general dentist is an integral part of this intricate mosaic that forms the healthcare world. Hospitals like American Hospital Dubai reflect this dedication to excellence with its world-class medical offerings. For instance, the exceptionally skilled and experienced general dentists at American Hospital are adept at utilizing cutting-edge technology, fostering innovation within the dental healthcare sector and enhancing public access to advanced dental services.


If you require consultation with a general dentist for your oral or dental requirements, schedule an appointment with our specialists and allow us to address your concerns with empathy and care.

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