Interstitial Kidney Diseases - AHD Patient case study

Interstitial Kidney Diseases - AHD Patient case study

Case history: How did the journey begin?  

WA, a 49-year-old male resident of another Gulf country, sought medical attention for generalized weakness. He exercised regularly with no significant issues until he started to feel tired. He took a blood test that showed a low kidney function, and he was admitted to a hospital and given intravenous fluid, but it did not result in improvement nt in his renal function. He continued to feel unwell, and his kidney function worsened over the next few months when he was referred to American Hospital Dubai's Nephrology Department. 

Initial Assessment and Accurate Diagnosis 

After a thorough evaluation by our nephrology team, we found that the patient also had uveitis (autoimmune eye condition) and liver abnormalities. Using deduction based on our vast expertise, our team suspected an autoimmune disease that can affect the kidney called Sarcoidosis.  

Sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease, makes the immune system go into overdrive, leading to tiny clusters of inflamed tissue called granulomas in different body organs, including the kidneys. When the kidneys are involved, it can lead to renal failure if not checked in time. 

Achieving the Breakthrough 

Getting to the root of WA's kidney problem was critical because renal problems are a complex interplay of several factors, and a precise diagnosis is lifesaving.  

We performed a kidney biopsy, and the results showed interstitial nephritis, a condition Sarcoidosis can cause. Interstitial nephritis impairs the kidneys' ability to cleanse blood to output urine because the tiny tubules or filters in the kidney that perform this task get swollen and cannot filter blood effectively.  

A reaction to certain medicines can trigger interstitial nephritis. When you stop taking the medication, the problem is usually resolved. So, the patient was started on treatment which led to significant improvement in his symptoms and a 50 per cent improvement in his kidney function.  

Importance of Correct Diagnosis to Save Lives 

Getting to WA's root cause of kidney impairment called for a very high degree of 'suspicion' or diagnostic ability, and our nephrology team's thorough evaluation helped save the day. 

WA had suffered from severe fatigue for several months and was stressed and anxious at the lack of a precise diagnosis of his kidney dysfunction. Fatigue is among the significant symptoms of interstitial nephritis, which WA has suffered for some time. Time was racing by, and his kidneys were getting increasingly impacted. Had there been any more delay in arriving at a correct diagnosis and launching the proper treatment, WA would have ended up on dialysis. 

American Hospital Dubai's timely diagnosis and treatment were life-changing for WA because he showed a high degree of improvement and was prevented from reaching the eventuality of undergoing dialysis. 


Kidney diseases are highly complex, and many can be 'clinically silent', making it challenging to determine the cause. Sarcoidosis-induced interstitial nephritis can often be diagnosed later in the clinical pathway, and hence getting to it in time requires experience, skill, and expertise. 

American Hospital Dubai's leading expertise and commitment to accuracy in diagnosis demonstrate how it can positively alter the course of a patient's journey back to health. 

Authored by:
Mohamad Nour Alhosaini

Mohamad Nour Alhosaini

Director of Nephrology / Hypertension Specialist

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