Hand Surgery

What is Hand Surgery?

The proper functioning of the hands is critical to our ability to interact with our environment and those around us, and to carry out our activities of daily living. Hand surgery involves different procedures to treat and correct conditions impairing hand and finger function. Hand surgery may be indicated after injury, infection, accident, or diseases that otherwise damage or affect the soft tissues, nerves, tendons, and bones in the hand.

What Conditions Can Affect Hands?

Several health conditions affect the hand, including the following:

  • Degenerative diseases like arthritis.
  • Injury to the hand and wrist.
  • Hand infections.
  • Nerve compressions (eg. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Cubital Tunnel Syndrome).
  • Acquired hand conditions causing stiffness or deformity of the hand or fingers.
  • Dupuytren's Contracture -A condition that causes hard nodules and bands of abnormal tissue to form in the palm and/or fingers. This causes the fingers to contract and bend, impairing function.
  • Tendon conditions such as Trigger Finger. The finger or thumb locks when bent due to thickening or inflammation of the tendon, preventing its smooth movement.
  • Tumors of the hands – These can be benign lumps such as ganglions, but can also include malignant lumps (cancer).
  • Nerve palsies (paralysis) and nerve repair.
  • Post-burn hand deformity.
  • Post-trauma hand deformity.Carpometacarpal bossing - bony mass or lump formation on the back of the hand that can cause pain and impair hand mobility.

Note: Not all of the above conditions require surgery. Your hand surgeon will discuss all options for treating your condition with you.


Diagnosing a hand condition begins with a full medical history and physical examination.It may be followed by other tests, such as an x-ray or other imaging. This could include an ultrasound scan, CT scan or MRI. Sometimes further tests may be required.

What Are the Types of Hand Surgery?

There are different types of hand surgeries depending on the problem you have. These include:

Joint Replacements and Surgical Treatment of Arthritis: This surgery, done for people with severe hand arthritis, involves replacing or fusing painful, arthritic joints to restore hand/finger mobility and relieve pain. This is indicated when the the condition is unresponsive to other types of treatment, such as physiotherapy, pain relief medications and steroid injections.
Repair/Reconstruction of Tendon Injuries: Tendon surgery repairs the injured tendon or uses a tendon graft if it is beyond repair. Tendons are tissue bands that connect muscles to bones and allow movement of the hand and fingers. When tendons are injured, torn, or damaged in the hands, this affects joint movement and can also cause pain.
Hand Fracture Fixation: This involves realignment (reduction) of fractured bones and gives stability to the fracture whilst it heals.
Nerve Repairs: Nerve injuries can be treated through microscopic nerve repair to improve hand function and restore sensation.
Dupuytren's Contracture Surgery: Removes the abnormal nodules and bands of tissue underneath the skin, allowing the fingers to move again.
Reconstructive Surgery for Hand and Finger Deformity: When the skin and soft tissues of the hand or fingers are damaged due to burns, injury or infection, the damaged skin can be replaced with skin grafts, skin flaps or other plastic surgical techniques to improve function and restore form (appearance).

Why Choose American Hospital for Hand Surgery?

Our multidisciplinary team includes a first class surgical team supported by highly skilled physiotherapists, ensuring that we deliver the very best patient-centred holistic care. We use the latest surgical techniques, with the most advanced hand surgery tools and implants, to give our patients superior outcomes.

Why Does American Hospital Dubai employ a Plastic Surgeon to treat hand conditions?

Best-Suited Skills: Plastic surgeons are well-suited to skillfully repair and restore hand mobility and appearance. Plastic surgeons have been advancing the field of hand surgery for over a century. Plastic surgeons train in reconstruction and are experts at restoring form and function. Their meticulous tissue handling skills and attention to detail is well-suited to the fine work required in hand surgery.
Exceptional Expertise: American Hospital’s Hand Surgeon is a British Board-certified expert with a subspecialty qualification in hand surgery (the Hand Surgery Diploma) and International Fellowship Training in Hand Surgery (Melbourne, Australia). He has worked as a Consultant in a world-renowned Hand Unit at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital in London, UK.
World-Class Microsurgery Capability: Nerve and vessel surgery with precision techniques and meticulous tissue handling. Attention to detail and critical skills result in the highest quality hand surgery.
Complete Post-Hand Surgery Rehabilitation: We offer a comprehensive post-treatment care pathway for speedy rehabilitation and recovery after hand surgery.

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