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Facing complex medical challenges? American Hospital Dubai’s Medical/Oncology ICU is your solution. Our team of specialists provides a caring environment for those who are combating medical illnesses and oncological prognoses. We believe that expert doctors, nurses, and therapists are partners who collaborate closely to understand your needs and create a personalized recovery plan.

About Medical/Oncology ICU Facility:

A medical/oncology ICU is an intensivist section of our hospital designed to treat patients with severe medical conditions, especially those associated with cancer and other serious illnesses, through intensive specialized treatment. This unit consists of the most up-to-date medical technology and works with healthcare practitioners who are proficient in dealing with patients suffering from life-threatening conditions.

Conditions Treated at Oncology Intensive Care Unit:

Some of the conditions that we treat using the ECMO treatment in the PICU facility include:

  • Cancer-Related Complications: Our unit specializes in handling serious issues tied to cancer, like treating side effects and critical conditions arising from the disease
  • Severe Infections: OWe tackle life-threatening infections in cancer patients with aggressive treatments, especially considering their weakened immune systems.
  • Organ Failure: We're equipped to manage organ failure in cancer patients, tailoring our care to address specific organ system challenges.
  • Hematologic Disorders: We deal with urgent problems stemming from blood disorders, such as severe anemia and clotting issues, working closely with hematology experts.
  • Respiratory DistressOur focus is on addressing breathing emergencies linked to cancer, using advanced support and monitoring for optimal oxygen levels.
  • Cardiac Emergencies: We handle heart crises in cancer patients, employing sophisticated monitoring and interventions for issues like irregular heartbeats and heart muscle dysfunction.
  • Neurological Crises: For cancer patients facing urgent neurological problems, we provide specialized care for conditions like seizures, brain swelling, and cancer-related neurological disorders.
  • Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn (PPHN): P Supporting newborns with persistent pulmonary hypertension to enhance oxygenation and improve outcomes.
  • Post-Operative Complications: We offer careful post-surgery care, addressing complications and ensuring a smooth recovery for cancer patients undergoing oncologic procedures.

Oncology ICU Services at AHD:

At American Hospital Dubai, our Oncology ICU provides critical care services to patients recovering from serious health issues, particularly those caused by cancer. Our healthcare professionals are prepared to address any emergency. We maintain the welfare of our patients and strive to provide a comfortable atmosphere as they navigate complicated medical paths

We are committed to providing high-quality care, from modern monitoring and cutting-edge medical technology to individualized treatment plans. This is due to our cohesive multidisciplinary team, which collaborates effectively to address various complications associated with cancer, severe infections, and other critical conditions. We are committed to excellence, and we seek not only medical expertise but also compassion, to bring a holistic approach in terms of wellness for our patients as well as their families.

Our OICU Team Approach to Care:

Our OICU team at American Hospital Dubai consists of experienced physicians, nurses, and other support staff who are dedicated to providing integrated healthcare through a patient-centered approach. We believe that such a high level of collaboration among diverse experts allows us to identify potential challenges associated with cancer-related conditions, leaving no room for ambiguity.

As for other members of the OICU team in our hospital, we emphasize open communication and equal responsibility to facilitate improved patient outcomes. We can create treatment plans that are tailored to each patient's needs by conducting regular case discussions, coordination meetings, and incorporating individual specialties. 

Our interdisciplinary approach extends beyond the medical field to address the emotional and psychological aspects that influence patient well-being. We strive to foster a caring and collaborative team environment so that our patients and families can be confident that they will receive not only technically competent but also compassionate and empathetic care.

Why Choose American Hospital Dubai?

By choosing the American Hospital Dubai, you can be assured of excellence and compassionate patient care. Our highly qualified team of distinguished professionals provides each patient with personalized and high-quality medical services that meet the highest standards.

The American Hospital Dubai focuses not only on cutting-edge technology and the latest facilities but also demonstrates its determination to stay at the pinnacle when it comes to introducing new advancements in healthcare. We realize that healthcare has more than just medical procedures; it also involves the emotional and psychological well-being of our patients. Our hospital strives to offer the most advanced medical care and also a friendly and caring atmosphere for patients and their family members. 

Contact Us:

For any assistance or questions regarding our Oncology ICU, reach us 24/7 at +971 4 3775500 or fill out our official website contact form. We are here to help you at every stage of your wellness journey.

The primary causes for admitting cancer patients to the ICU are postoperative care, acute respiratory failure (ARF), and sepsis. Other clinical conditions include cardiac difficulties, neurological diseases, acute renal damage, hemorrhage, and oncological issues. 

Oncology, the study and treatment of cancer, derives its name from the Greek word "oncos," which means swelling and corresponds to how Greek physicians characterized tumor growth. 

The oncology nurse discusses the treatment plan with the oncologist and independently analyzes the patient's overall physical and emotional well-being.  

Graft-versus-host disease, infections, and organ toxicity are common consequences of HSCT in cancer ICUs. Close monitoring, early intervention, and coordination with transplant specialists are critical for resolving these issues and increasing the overall outcome of stem cell transplantation. 

Palliative care is essential in the oncology ICU since it provides support for patients with advanced disease, focuses on symptom management, and helps with difficult decision-making

Comorbidities in cancer patients demand a tailored strategy in the intensive care unit, taking into account both cancer-related risks and pre-existing diseases. 

Patients in a cancer ICU are individuals who have cancer and need very urgent or critical care because of serious illnesses. This specialized medical care in the oncology ICU treats cancer in its complexity and also acute episodes that require urgent attention and intervention associated with critically ill patients. 

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