Anatomic Pathology

Anatomic Pathology and Cytopathology (the examination of minute amounts of tissue obtained by scraping a surface or through fine needle aspiration) offer cutting-edge capabilities in identifying and understanding diseases at the cellular level. They play a critical role in cancer diagnosis, particularly in breast and gastric cancers.

American Hospital Laboratory employs advanced techniques, such as Immunohistochemical stains, to profile tumors accurately. Our minimally invasive Fine Needle Aspirations are highly effective in extracting cellular samples for precise analysis.

We go beyond conventional methods and are proud to be affiliated with pioneers in genetic marker testing, further enhancing our diagnostic accuracy and enabling oncologists to customize treatment plans. These state-of-the-art practices and affiliations raise the bar for cancer diagnosis and treatment, setting higher standards in patient care.

Testing Includes
o Frozen section services
o Surgical pathology Level 1-6
o Special and Immunohistochemical staining
o Fine needle aspiration with adequacy
o Gyn and Non -Gyn cytology
o Bone marrow biopsy/aspirate interpretation and reporting
o Molecular and FISH testing from tissue blocks