Porcelain Veneers

Experience Transformative Porcelain Teeth Veneers at American Hospital Dubai

You love to smile, but your teeth are broken, discolored, or misarranged? At American Hospital Dubai, it is important that you can laugh without fear with porcelain teeth veneers.

How Veneers Can Improve Your Oral Health:

Our flawless porcelain veneers are designed specifically to:

  • Cover mistakes: Bid farewell to chips, crevices, stains, and gaps and bring about the perfection of an even look.

  • Change aesthetics: You may choose an ultra-white shade or brightness level for a natural shining appearance.

  • Minor corrections in malocclusions: You will not need braces to have a more symmetrical smile.

  • Improve self-assurance: you will have a new sense of confidence after finding your inner beauty through your teeth.

Why Choose American Hospital Dubai for Porcelain Veneers?

At American Hospital Dubai, we do more than enhance beauty. We ensure aesthetics and oral health are well taken care of as we offer an all-inclusive path toward achieving your dream smile. Here’s how we are different:

Unrivaled Expertise: Our team comprises globally recognized cosmetic dentists certified by the board and prosthodontists who know how to create perfect dental veneers like real ones.

High-end Technology: Our digital dentistry uses 3D imaging and intraoral scanners, among other recent innovations, to ensure an accurate fitting and produce perfect results that resemble genuine teeth.

Personalized Smile Design: Customized dental care approaches are offered because each individual’s situation is unique. This means we work with patients to consider their facial peculiarities, wants, and general mouth hygiene, hence the best thin porcelain layers for them.

Unflinching Dedication to Excellence: We only employ top-quality biocompatible porcelain, making it hard-wearing and enabling light to pass through, thus appearing natural on one’s face.

Seamless Patient Experience: From your first interview to regular check-ups, our team is dedicated to making you comfortable and relaxed while assisting you with everything necessary.

More Than Just Porcelain: Our comprehensive list of cosmetic dental procedures includes porcelain veneers. A holistic smile makeover involves other services like teeth whitening, crowns, and bridges.

Personalized Veneers for a Naturally Beautiful Smile:

Besides their aesthetically appealing nature, porcelain veneers serve several other purposes. To begin with, they build self-confidence and improve overall well-being. Your discolored teeth might hold you back from expressing yourself freely in social gatherings and the workplace. In reality, these flaws will be corrected through veneers, boosting confidence levels that come with self-worth. Now, you can enable smiles for anyone, even when interacting with others. Moreover, studies indicate that success in life is related to a positive smile.

Improved Oral Health And Functionality

Secondly, they offer improved oral health and functionality. They can lead to minor teeth misalignment resolution, which would, in turn, enhance functional bite patterns, thereby reducing the likelihood of future mouth-related problems. Additionally, these thin porcelain wafers work as shields for compromised tooth enamel, stopping further decay or maintaining the intact structure of a tooth. In some cases, poorly formed teeth are responsible for speech impediments notable in young individuals, whereby such conditions can be improved using them.

As a result, the patient’s appearance changes their characteristics, increasing self-confidence. At the same time, oral hygiene improves up to serious conditions like faltering speech being cured by setting white plates on one’s denture.

Your Dream Smile Starts Here:

Book a Consultation: Start your journey to transforming your smiles by scheduling an individual meeting where we will determine what you need and want so that all issues are addressed.

Digital Smile Design: Watch your dream smile come alive through a computer-generated opportunity that uses an individual dental profile.

Effortless Procedure: Our devoted and proficient dentists ensure the veneering process is done painlessly and rapidly.

Confidently Share Your Smile: Go out with newfound self-assurance; be ready to laugh freely and express yourself more fully.

Invest in Your Confidence: With porcelain veneers, you can invest in your wholesomeness, build up your self-respect, and potentially raise your career opportunities, as well as improve your social life.

تعد القشور التقليدية، والقشور ذات الحد الأدنى من الإعداد، واللومينير، والقشور السريعة، وتغيير الابتسامة من بين أكثر علاجات القشور الخزفية شيوعًا.

قشور الأسنان الخزفية عبارة عن قشور خزفية رقيقة مصنوعة خصيصًا يتم وضعها على السطح الأمامي للأسنان لتحسين مظهرها. وهي تهدف إلى إخفاء العيوب وتعزيز المحاذاة وتوفير ابتسامة طبيعية وجذابة من الناحية الجمالية.

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