Home Hemodialysis at American Hospital: Enhancing Quality of Life through Personalized Care

Home Hemodialysis at American Hospital: Enhancing Quality of Life through Personalized Care

The requirement for routine hemodialysis treatments is one of the many difficulties associated with end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Traditionally, patients would go to the dialysis unit for their treatments, however, American Hospital understands that this may not always be practical or ideal for every patient. We give the option of home hemodialysis as part of our commitment to providing top-notch care because we believe that it may greatly enhance the quality of life for patients and their families and offer a personalized treatment journey. 


Benefits of Home Hemodialysis: 

Home hemodialysis allows patients to get their dialysis treatment conveniently and comfortably in their homes. This method is especially useful for those who are physically unable to travel to the dialysis unit or who wish to avoid wasting time and energy on traveling. Home hemodialysis encourages a sense of comfort, autonomy, and enhanced mental well-being by allowing patients to receive treatment in comfortable circumstances. 


Tailored Treatment Frequency: 

The home hemodialysis program at American Hospital allows for a range of treatment frequencies. Patients often get hemodialysis at home once or twice a week, with a third appointment in the dialysis center to ensure thorough and proper care. This method enables the creation of a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to the demands and medical conditions of each patient. 


Specialized Home Dialysis Machine: 

Unlike the equipment used in the dialysis unit, a home hemodialysis machine must be portable, easier to operate, and transportable. These needs are satisfied by a unique home dialysis system offered by American Hospital. Patients undertake one or two initial sessions with this equipment in the dialysis unit to gauge their comfort level and tolerance to guarantee a seamless transition. Following the agreed treatment plan, future sessions are organized at home once they are judged appropriate. 


Comprehensive Care Provided by Trained Hemodialysis Nurses: 

A well-trained hemodialysis nurse visits the patient at home and delivers the specialized dialysis machine for each session to ensure the highest standards of care. The nurse observes stringent sterile procedures, keeps an eye on the patient and their therapy, and gives intravenous medicine as necessary. A close connection is kept with the patient's nephrologist during the procedure, delivering real-time information on the patient's state and speedily putting any required changes or new orders into place. 


Transition to In-Center Dialysis, If Necessary: 

American Hospital is aware that not all patients will always be appropriate for or prefer home hemodialysis. Our staff will smoothly move a patient to in-center dialysis inside the hospital if home hemodialysis proves to be inconvenient for them or if their health status deteriorates, ensuring that they continue to have access to the necessary care and support. 


How to Get Started: 

If you or a loved one thinks that home hemodialysis is the best alternative, we urge you to get in touch with American Hospital. By getting in touch with us, you may request a senior dialysis nurse who will get back to you right away to go over your needs, respond to any inquiries you may have, and help you start hemodialysis at home. 

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