Lesley Steyn

I am a registered nurse trained and qualified in South Africa with specialized training in Neonatal ICU Care of more than 15 years, and an IBCLC Lactation Consultant for the last 6 years in Dubai. My professional experience has allowed me the opportunity to work with many parents and their infants from as early gestation as 23 weeks and along the journey help Mums learn and recognize infant behaviors and responses of their babies, and help with their infant feeding journeys, guiding and supporting them with many challenges they may face along the way and ultimately help them reach their goals. I feel very passionate about encouraging and supporting women and dedicate a great deal of time working with Mum's, helping them to build and gain confidence, so they can make informed choices and decisions regarding her and her baby. There is a strong focus on ongoing support after discharge from hospital at our Lactation Clinic as well as Mothers Coffee mornings hosted monthly.

اللغات : الأفريكانية, الإنجليزية
أنواع الطبيب : وقت كامل
DOH رخصة الصف : Lactation Consultant
الفروع : المستشفى الأمريكي دبي


  • IBCLC Lactation Consultant, UAE,
  • IAIMS - Inter-nation Association of Infant Massage, UAE
  • NICU, RAU, South Africa
  • Nursing Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery, B.G. Alexander Nursing College, South Africa

الجمعيات المهنية:

  • South African Nursing Council
  • Dubai Health Authority

الخبرة العملية:

  • AHD Lactation Consultant UAE
  • Kings College Hospital - Lactation Consultant UAE
  • Mediclinic Welcare Hospital SRN/ NICU, UAE
  • Lactation Consultant , UAE
  • RN Ships Nurse with Princess Cruises, USA
  • Mediclinic South Africa - ER, South Africa
  • Mediclinic South Africa - NICU, South Africa
  • Paeds Medical and Surgical, South Africa
  • St Mary's Hospital London - Paeds and Paed Emergency, U.K.
  • Mediclinic - Paeds Surgical, Medical and Cardiac, South Africa