Orthopedic, Sport medicine, Trauma and Spine Surgery

The American Hospital Dubai is home to the region’s most advanced orthopedic services. The Orthopedic Department is led by a team of world-class, Board-certified, best orthopedic doctors in Dubai. Providing the Gulf region with expert orthopedic care, their wealth of knowledge enables them to determine difficult diagnoses accurately and to treat them with the highest quality of patient care.

Sport and physical exercise add enormous quality to our lives, whether it’s enjoyed for the social or physical benefits, for fun or for work. However, sports injuries can happen at any time, anywhere – the result of an accident, overworking the body, or from repetitive action over a long period of time.

Sometimes, injuries may be ignored in the hope that a period of rest will provide an effective cure.  Whether you are an elite professional athlete or a recreational sportsperson, your sports injuries will heal more effectively if they are treated quickly and professionally, so that you can get back to your favorite activities as quickly as possible.

Uniquely, the Sports Medicine Center at American Hospital Dubai focuses on acute care. This means that we diagnose and treat sports-related injuries quickly. It’s all about results – faster treatment means better healing and quicker recovery.

Orthopedic health is vital for every individual to maintain a good quality of life - be it an active workout time or a leisure walk outdoors.

The orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine specialists at the American Hospital Dubai ensure the patients get the highest quality treatment, professional consultation, compassion, and care.

The orthopedic department, led by a team of world-class, board-certified knee replacement surgeons and the best orthopedic surgeon in Dubai, offers the region's most advanced orthopedic services.

Whether there are disorders of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles, American Hospital is the best orthopedic hospital in Dubai, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to help heal and repair the bone injury. The specialists can provide sports medicine, perform knee replacement surgery and treat several conditions affecting bone health.

With their wealth of knowledge and experience, the sports medicine doctor and the orthopedic surgeon will determine and diagnose your condition, treating it effectively and quickly, allowing you to enjoy an excellent social or physically active lifestyle.

Early and timely diagnosis and treatment will result in better healing and quicker recovery. You are assured the dedicated team of sports medicine specialists and orthopedics in Dubai is on your side to assist you in recovering your sports injuries and supporting you in the game.

Dedicated Expertise

Whatever your sport – from football to tennis, golf to skiing, riding to surfing, rugby to cricket – the dedicated sport medicine specialists and orthopedics in Dubai at American Hospital Dubai can keep you in the game, with a range of expertise to treat the sports injuries that are increasingly common amongst the young and active population in Dubai, the UAE and wider region.

When it comes to sports injuries, you want the best team on your side!

The Sports Medicine Center’s multidisciplinary team has extensive experience and sports injury in Dubai and expertise to provide comprehensive services and care, with orthopedic surgeons, imaging specialists, and physiotherapists, and other therapists all working together and committed to getting you back to match fitness, fast. Our superbly equipped clinic offers advanced, minimally invasive surgical techniques and is supported on-campus by the Hospital’s leading imaging/diagnostics and a range of specialist treatments and advanced rehabilitation. Everything you need is available under one roof.

Doctors Panel of Orthopedic, Sport medicine, Trauma and Spine Surgery

Abdullah Alhaji

Specialist Orthopedic Surgery

Arabic, English

Assad Qureshi

Consultant Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon

English, Urdu

Catalin Stefan Dragulescu

Consultant Orthopedic Surgery

English, French, German, Romanian

Fahd Mohamad Dahhan

Orthopedic Surgeon

Arabic, English

Ghazwan Maki

Consultant Orthopedic Surgery

Arabic, Danish, English

John Atef Hanna Girgis

Specialist Orthopedic Surgery

Arabic, English

Jubin Raju

Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon

English, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil

Mustafa Karoud

Consultant Orthopedics

Arabic, English, German

Nazzar Tellisi

Consultant General Trauma and Orthopaedic

Arabic, English

Nizar Natout

Chief of Orthopedics / Surgeon

Arabic, English

Paolo Cellocco

Orthopedic Surgeon

English, Italian

Saman Abdulkareem

Consultant Orthopedic Surgery

Arabic, English, Kurdish, Swedish, Turkish

Sameh Abdelrazek

Orthopedic Surgeon

Arabic, English

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