Oocyte Freezing

There can be many challenges that couples face while trying to build a family, one of them being individuals wanting to have children at a specific time in their lives. Oocyte Freezing can help such couples who would like to have babies at their own timetables with the use of the latest fertility preservation methods.

Couples who wish to achieve pregnancy at a later time in life can easily preserve their eggs, sperms and embryos through various preservation methods. Many individuals also opt for fertility preservation as it can help them overcome the limitations that come with reproductive aging, or if they cannot conceive due to other issues such as cancer treatments or premature ovarian failure.
The fertility experts and reproductive endocrinologists at American Hospital take great consideration when it comes to patient care and strive to provide effective fertility preservation treatments that bears favorable outcomes
There are multiple ways that patients can opt for when it comes to preserving fertility as well as treating infertility. It is important to discuss all your options in great detail with your gynecologist and let them know of what your personal goal is regarding motherhood.

What is Oocyte freezing?

Oocyte freezing is a procedure that has been developed to preserve fertility and protect the patient’s reproductive ability so that they are not at a risk of facing infertility caused by aging, radiation, chemotherapy, or other treatments. Patients can choose the appropriate time that is suited to them to become pregnant by using the vitrification technique that freezes oocytes without damaging their properties and ensuring that they have a higher success rate.

What is the right time to indicate Oocyte freezing?

Oocyte Freezing is indicated for patients under the following conditions:

• If a patient wants to postpone getting pregnant
• In cases where a patient has been diagnosed with medical conditions that may affect their reproductive ability that could prevent them from having children in the future
• Patients who may have genetic conditions, like Turner Syndrome
• Patients that may have conditions that could be associated with ovarian failure
• In cases where a patient has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy, radiation or any other sort of treatments that may damage the eggs or sperms

Cases pertaining to fertility can differ from person to person which is why patients are given multiple options that they can choose from that can greater their chances of preserving their reproductive ability. Your fertility specialist can help you to identify any potential risk that you may face and determine what the right course of action is suited for you that has the best chances of protecting your reproductive ability.

Preservation of Fertility at American Hospital:

American Hospital’s recent collaboration with Livio AB, a Sweden based company that has in recent years become one of the biggest network of fertility treatments in the Nordic region, has allowed for our Fertility clinic to offer a wide spread of services that can cater to a lot of fertility related issues including the preservation of reproductive ability for future use. Our fertility preservation services include:

• IVF and freezing of the embryo
• Freezing the eggs
• Freezing the sperms

Our newest Fertility clinic houses an excellent team of board-certified fertility specialists that patients from all over the Middle East come to consult with. At our IVF clinic, we have made it our mission to provide the latest technology and treatments when it comes to preserving fertility, such as oocyte freezing that follows the technique of vitrification which does not destroy the qualities of the gametes, as well as infertility treatments.

What is the procedure of oocyte freezing?

Fertility preservation includes the following steps:

First visit: During your first visit with your fertility specialist, your doctor will conduct a full gynecological exam and later give you the details of how the process of fertility preservation works. Your doctor will then analyze your reports on the second visit and schedule a treatment plan according to your needs.

Ovarian stimulation: Your treatment will begin with ovarian stimulation which happens when a woman’s menstruation cycle starts. Hormones are then injected so that multiple oocytes are developed. After a period of 10 to 12 days, your doctor will prescribe an ultrasound along with blood tests to determine the growth of the eggs. When the eggs have reached the required number and size, the hCG hormone is then induced to ensure the maturation of the eggs. The follicular puncture is then scheduled after a 36 hour time period.

Follicular Puncture: A follicular puncture is a 15-20 minutes long procedure that is performed in an operating room while the patient is sedated. Doctors will examine the ovaries through the vaginal cavity in order to puncture the follicles and collect the eggs inside tubes. The egg samples are then sent to the IVF laboratory to conduct vitrification and the patient can get discharged after some time and get back to their daily routine.

Oocyte vitrification: The eggs collected during follicular puncture are then preserved through multiple protective methods and are safely kept at a temperature of -196°C inside small supports which are later stored in specific tanks at specific temperatures.

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American Hospital Dubai has an experienced team of doctors and a cutting-edge in-vitro fertilization lab that gives couples who are looking to preserve fertility with a wide range of options with the best outcomes. If you are considering to freeze your eggs, you can schedule an appointment with one of our fertility advisors online.

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