Oncological Preservation

In recent years, many advancements have been made in the field of fertility preservation. It is now possible for both and women to opt for fertility preservation before they move forward with their cancer treatments, which gives them a chance to have children at a later time in life. Our Reproductive Specialists are able to help you achieve pregnancy after you have received your cancer treatment and are on the road to recovery.

Patients that are struggling with cancer and cannot have children due to their treatments, they can opt for oncological preservation which is a procedure that is conducted by employing a number of techniques for reproductive preservation, especially after the patient has regained control over their health. Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy can have adverse effects on the reproductive health of the patient, which is why oncologists and reproductive specialists recommend patients with cancer to opt for sperm freezing, egg freezing and embryo freezing as a preventative measure.

Our Reproductive Specialist at American Hospital are experienced at fertility preservation of both men and women who have cancer, which allows them to start their family after going through their cancer treatment.

Who is Eligible for Oncological Preservation?

Fertility preservation for oncological reasons could be needed by the following patients:
• Both men and women with cancer who are receiving treatment such as chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant or radiotherapy
• Women who have conditions that affect the ovaries such as endometriosis or ovarian cysts
• Men who may have testicular tumors that can reduce their ability to make sperm

Fertility Preservation and Treatment Options:

After the potential of fertility has been tested and evaluated, the oncological preservation then begins for patients with cancer. The tests can include blood work, imaging tests as well as semen analysis. The test results are then evaluated by the reproduction specialist and a personalized treatment plan is developed for the patient that is suited to their own individual characteristics such as their cancer treatments, diagnosis, and age.

Fertility Preservation for Women: In the case of women, those patients who are to receive their cancer treatments can choose to freeze their eggs or embryos. If the patient opts for egg freezing, then their eggs are made to reach a mature stage with the use of injectable hormones and are later frozen. However, if the embryos are to be frozen, then the eggs are fertilized with sperm in an IVF lab where they are frozen and stored so that they can be used in the future.

At American Hospital, we have collaborated with Livio AB, one of the largest Swedish fertility treatment services providers, to provide women who are battling cancer with the option of an ovarian transportation procedure. This procedure is done before radiation therapy is conducted and it uses a surgical displacement of ovaries so that the damage is minimized.

Women who are undergoing cancer treatments can also opt for ovarian suppression can protect the ovaries and minimize infertility through the use of medications.
After the patient has recovered from their cancer treatment, if they wish to expand their families, they can do so through IVF treatments and assisted reproductive technologies.

Fertility Preservation for Men: After all the required fertility tests have been taken and evaluated to examine the fertility potential of the patient, the procedure where the sperm is frozen is initiated through sperm banking which requires a semen sample to be collected. Once the semen sample has been taken, the reproduction specialist might use the entire sample or select a few sperms that are healthy and have good mobility for freezing and storage.

Following is a list of other procedures that can help male patients protect their fertility either before or while they are undergoing treatment for cancer:

- Percutaneous sperm aspiration: This is conducted when random sperms are supposed to be extracted from the epididymis
- Testicular tissue freezing: The testicular tissue that consists of cells that produce sperm is removed and then frozen.
- Testicular sperm extraction: This procedure is conducted through an open biopsy in order to obtain a testicular tissue that can be used to isolate sperm cells which are later frozen.

The patients’ vitrified ovules and frozen semen are kept in different tanks that are stored at low temperatures and are regularly monitored.

Book a Consultation for Oncological Preservation:

American Hospital Dubai has an experienced team of doctors and a cutting-edge in-vitro fertilization lab that gives couples who are looking to preserve fertility a wide range of options with the best outcomes. If you are considering freezing your eggs or wish to get more information regarding our oncological preservation services at American Hospital, you can schedule an appointment with one of our fertility advisors online.

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