One of the biggest challenges in fertility treatments is carefully selecting an embryo that has the highest chances of development during in-vitro fertilization. If you are looking to growing your family through IVF, you can better your chances with EmbryoScope.

In order to ensure that the best embryo is selected for healthy implantation, embryologists use a technology known as an embryoscope, an advanced imaging machinery, that helps to monitor the correct development of the embryos. In order to create the perfect environment where the embryos can develop and mature effectively, the embryoscope takes use of an incubator that is designed to mimic the physiological environment inside a womb that is necessary for the growth of an embryo.

Who should consider EmbryoScope?

Embryoscope is worth using for a multitude of reasons for couples who are looking to build a family through IVF and want to ensure a successful pregnancy. Some of the reasons to consider EmbryoScope are:
• Embryoscope allows for the doctors to generate proper imaging for crucial embryo assessment
• It makes it easier for the embryologists to keep track of the embryo’s development in the allotted time span
• Embryoscope enables fertility specialists to identify which of the embryos have a higher chance of resulting in a pregnancy
• Embryoscope provides the embryos with optimal conditions and an uninterrupted environment inside the incubator, which allows for better development of the embryos.

Who Can Benefit from EmbryoScope?

Embryoscope is available to all our patients at American Hospital’s Fertility center who are seeking IVF and ICSI treatments. Through the use of this technology, the potential to select the right embryo increases since embryo-development is constantly monitored. This can help IVF patients by:
• Improving their chances for a successful IVF cycle
• Reducing the chance of a miscarriage
• Minimizing risks associated with multiple pregnancies is reduced
• Optimizing the rate of getting pregnant in older individuals

How Does EmbryoScope Work?

Embryoscope is the perfect technology for fertility specialists to carefully monitor embryos throughout their development. The Embryoscope consists of the following:
• An embryo culture incubator that mimics the physiological conditions of the womb, where embryos are carefully monitored
• Embryoscope uses an Embryoviewer software that helps determine the correct selection of healthy embryos
• A culture dish is used to safely handle the embryos

The Embryoscope has an incubator which is equipped with a built-in camera as well as a microscope that are used to take pictures of the embryos inside the incubator at regular intervals for approximately five days. The images help in collecting information regarding the development of the embryos and is then generated in video format. Throughout this process, the embryos are left undisturbed inside the incubators. According to the information that is obtained through the EmbryoViewer software, the IVF specialist will select the embryos that seem the best.

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