Diagnostic Pack

Often patients with infertility issues cannot pinpoint the underlying reasons behind the problem. However, getting a diagnostic test done can better a couple’s chance of conception since the treatment plan is developed according to the root cause.

Carrying out a fertility diagnostic test can help identify any underlying causes of infertility so that the condition can be effectively treated, allowing the couple to have better chances of conception.

In case a couple has been trying to conceive for over a year and has been unsuccessful, they should consider getting a fertility diagnostic done. Also, it is imperative for women who are 35 or older to consider fertility testing after six months of trying to conceive.

American Hospital Dubai, in its mission to address the growing number of issues with infertility and other concerns, has joined hands with Livio AB, a Sweden-based organization that over the years has become one of the largest fertility treatment networks in the Nordic region.

This collaboration has allowed couples in the UAE, and surrounding areas, who are struggling with their infertility to seek treatment from board-certified fertility specialists and medical practitioners who are working hard at American Hospital’s Fertility Centre to provide patients with a higher chance of conception through the right course of action needed for them.

Along with our wide range of fertility services, American Hospital also provides its patients with a Fertility Diagnostic Package that has been designed to provide patients with a correct diagnosis along with detailed information which the medical team examines to determine the appropriate treatment plan for the patient.

Who is a Good Candidate for Diagnostic Testing?

There could be several reasons why patients might need to get diagnostic testing which can include:

• Women who do not menstruate at all
• Women with irregular menstrual cycles
• Frequent miscarriages
• Issues with the reproductive system which can include a diseased uterus or blocked fallopian tubes
• Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
• Those who have endometriosis
• Partners who may have undiagnosed male infertility

What is Included in American Hospital’s Fertility Package?

Following is a list of what is included in our fertility diagnostic package:

• The patient’s first medical consultation
• Gynecological exam that includes 3D transvaginal ultrasound
• Tests that are used to determine the ovarian reserve of the patient
• Visit after the result to discuss your diagnosis with the doctor and get a recommended treatment plan
• Mapping out a treatment plan based on the diagnosis

What Do I Expect in the Diagnostic Pack?

• After arriving at the Fertility Center, you are expected to submit your detailed personal data so that our patient-care staff can develop your medical history account. Afterward, you can see a gynecologist for your first consultation.
• When visiting your gynecologist, you will be asked about your clinical history, medical health, as well as how you have been attempting to conceive. The gynecologist will then analyze your diagnostic testing reports.
• After your gynecologist has been given all the information they need, they will conduct a gynecological exam as well as a transvaginal ultrasound. If there is a need, your gynecologist may also recommend that you get an ovarian reserve analysis done so that they can form an accurate diagnosis.
• The next step after receiving all your information and tests is scheduling a results visit with the doctor where your gynecologist will brief you regarding your diagnosis and what is the best treatment options available for you
• If you are satisfied with the diagnosis and would like to move forward with the treatment plan with your gynecologist, you will be given a personalized quote by our patient-care staff

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Apart from offering diagnostic packages, our Fertility Centre at American Hospital also has a widespread of treatment options for infertility including Intrauterine insemination, IVF, and fertility preservation. If you would like to opt for our diagnostic package or are looking for more information regarding it, you can schedule an appointment with one of our specialists through the secure online form given on our website.