Sun Damaged Skin

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Sun Damaged Skin

Sun Damaged Skin

While we assess your sun-damaged skin for possible lesions, our dermatologists offer gold-standard solutions to address your cosmetic concerns and improve the look and health of your skin.

The cumulative effects of ultraviolet (UV) light from continuous exposure to the sun lead to a distressing skin condition, we know it as Sun damage. Sun damage manifests itself in a number of visible ways on your skin such as an irregular cluster of brown spots or freckles, sunburn, dilated capillaries, toughness or dryness of skin, loss of natural complexion, and wrinkling of the skin. Cases with significant sun damage are susceptible to a greater risk of skin cancer as well.

While safe exposure to the sun improves the efficiency of the body to generate vitamin D to keep bones strong and healthy, there’s a natural skin pigment called melanin that protects the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of sunlight. During exposure to the sun, people who ha....
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