Stress echo

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Stress echo

Stress echo

While a regular echocardiogram provides graphical information of the heart at rest, the stress echocardiogram helps evaluate the strength of the heart muscle when the heart is under strain, and also determine the effectiveness of on-going cardiac treatment.

A stress echocardiogram is a non-invasive cardiac test that is administered to patients whose heart health is in question. The procedure involves the induction of a stress test to stimulate a strained environment within the heart. Through two-dimensional images of information obtained via ultrasound waves, the physician is able to monitor the functioning of the heart and detect malfunctioning due to a limited supply of blood or oxygen.

Reasons for a Stress Echo:

A stress echocardiogram is advised as part of a physical examination for patients who have been experiencing chest pains or angina) or receiving a cardiac rehabilitation plan after a cardia arrest. It is also performed....
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