Skin Allergy Patch Testing

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Skin Allergy Patch Testing

Skin Allergy Patch Testing

Skin allergies can be uncomfortable and unsightly. If your skin irritates from an unknown cause, let our dermatologists perform Skin Allergy Patch Testing to determine if an allergy is responsible for your condition, and help you with effective management of the discomfort and distress.

A skin allergy is an immune response to something in the environment when your skin comes in contact with it and considers it harmful. Usually, a substance that becomes an allergen and draws allergic reactions from one person may appear harmless and normal to another person. Therefore, singling out exact causes that irritate immune systems to produce allergic reactions has been quite a challenge. However, some of the risk factors that can trigger skin allergy are detergents and soaps, flowers and fragrances, cosmetic products, chemicals, and metals.  

Skin allergies can manifest themselves as rashes, blisters, tiny bumps filled with fluids, redness, itching,....
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