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Orthodontic Treatment

With healthy gums and bone structure, teeth can be straightened at any age. But those with orthodontic problems require specialized care. That’s why at American Hospital Dubai, our dental healthcare specialists are dedicated to providing high-quality orthodontic treatments to patients that help them achieve a healthier outlook.

At our multi-specialist dental care, our top priority is to provide the finest quality of orthodontic services to ensure improved oral health, aesthetics, and function for every patient who visits us for dental care. As your orthodontist in Dubai, we maintain a leading position in the region’s healthcare service providers, for employing the latest advances in care to offer efficient and stress-free orthodontic services.

Orthodontics Services at American Hospital Dubai:

Our multi-specialty dental clinic offers the latest orthodontic treatments to treat crooked and misaligned teeth with a....
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American Hospital Professional Physicians

American Hospital Panel of Doctors

Our Physicians are all American Board Certified or of equivalent, supported by western trained Perfusionist, Nurses and support staff.

Tareq Y Shabani

Director Of Dentistry Department

Arabic, English

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