Open Heart Surgery

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Open Heart Surgery

Open Heart Surgery

Heart surgery corrects problems that no longer respond to other treatments. Open heart surgery is an effective part of our cardiac treatment and surgery program at American Hospital Dubai, which helps improve heart health and prevent future heart problems.

Open-heart surgery is a delicate procedure of cutting open the chest to operate on the heart muscles, valves, or arteries. During the surgery, the heart is stopped while the patient is attached to a heart-lung bypass machine that performs the functions of the heart and lungs by transporting oxygen to the blood, carrying blood through the body, and removing carbon dioxide.

Open-heart surgery is performed to address problems like heart failure, plaque accumulation interrupting the flow of blood in a coronary artery, valvular heart diseases, abnormalities in blood vessels such as the aorta, and irregular heart rhythms. The operation is also carried out to repair or replace heart valves, treat dam....
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