Nephrology and Dialysis

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Nephrology and Dialysis

Nephrology is a specialized branch of medicine that deals with the right functioning of the kidneys, an integral part of the human body. Kidneys are responsible for metabolism, urine health, and renal system.

The Nephrology Department ensures the right diagnosis, treatment, and care of the kidneys in both children and adults. It is responsible for treating a range of kidney disease to make sure that the kidneys are in prime health.

Treatment of kidneys can be done with proper diet and medicine as well as renal replacement therapy. A renal replacement therapy transplants the kidney and provides dialysis with state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

The Nephrology Department at American Hospital Dubai has a team of experienced doctors who specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and complete care of kidney disorders and even provide all necessary advice and guidance to help understand your kidneys better. 

So, if you develop pain or discomfort in the lower....
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  • Management of acute renal failure
  • Management of chronic renal failure and end-stage renal disease (ESRD)
  • Proteinuria and microscopic hematuria
  • Hypertension, essential and secondary
  • Electrolytes disturbances (abnormalities)
  • Anemia secondary to chronic renal failure

  • Hemodialysis acute and chronic
  • Peritoneal dialysis including CAPD / CCPD
  • Continuous dialysis (CVVH, CVVHD)

American Hospital Professional Physicians

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Our Physicians are all American Board Certified or of equivalent, supported by western trained Perfusionist, Nurses and support staff.

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Nephrology and Dialysis

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Nephrology and Dialysis

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