Esophageal Cancer Treatment

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Esophageal Cancer Treatment

Esophageal Cancer Treatment

Esophageal cancer is a serious and complex type of cancer; however, you should know that the survival rate is improving. Also, your chances of recovery from esophageal cancer become much higher if it is diagnosed early, and you don’t essentially have to endure discomfort and pain.

About Esophageal Cancer

Esophageal cancer develops inside the esophagus - a hollow muscular tube that transports food and drinks from the mouth to the stomach. Cancer occurs when the cells lining the esophagus get damaged or affected by the change in the genetic material they carry. As a result, abnormal cells produce mutations and replicate rapidly. They then transform into a tumor and leads to the formation of cancer. If undiagnosed, the patient may experience complications of oesophageal cancer as it can spread to other organs of the body as well.

Esophageal Cancer Causes:

The precise causes of oesophageal cancer are not known, but there a....
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