Chest Pain

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Chest Pain

Chest Pain

Chest ache is typically an uncomfortable condition, but it isn’t necessarily life-threatening. Do yourself a favor - visit a Cardiologist at American Hospital Dubai for a diagnosis. If it’s nothing serious, you can stop worrying. If it signals a heart condition, you can have a timely and appropriate treatment that can help minimize or prevent the risk of developing complications. 

Chest pain is a pain that originates anywhere from the neck through the heart and lungs to the upper part of the abdomen. It can be sharp and stabbing or dull and aching, depending on the cause of pain. Whatever the chest pain feels like, it is wise to see a doctor to accurately and quickly diagnose a condition.

Causes of Chest Pain:

While chest pain is frequently associated with heart attack, there are several other health conditions that can cause this pesky symptom. These include:

Cardiovascular issues causing chest pain:

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