Cardiomyopathy and chronic heart failure

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Cardiomyopathy and chronic heart failure

Cardiomyopathy and chronic heart failure

Cardiomyopathy can affect people of all ages and sometimes develops without exhibiting any significant symptoms. Fortunately, the advances in cardiology have enabled the cardiac-care fraternity to control symptoms, reduce complications, and prevent the condition from worsening. If left untreated, it may lead to chronic heart failure.

Cardiomyopathy is a complex disease developed by the thickening of the heart muscle that makes it challenging for the heart to pump blood. The heart works harder to function properly and ends up weakening heart muscles and causing disruptions in heart rhythm, only to become a life-threatening condition. Cardiomyopathy is believed to be an inherited genetic condition caused by a defect in genes that control heart growth.

At American Hospital Dubai, we take a multidisciplinary team approach to addressing cardiomyopathy through comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, a wide range of treatment options, and screenings &am....
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