Appendix Surgery

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Appendix Surgery

The appendix is a small tube-like organ that lies in the lower right-hand side of the abdomen, connected to the large intestine or colon where faeces is formed. While its function is largely not known, it may cause appendicitis which begins as a pain in the abdomen only to become sharp and persistent over time. The condition calls for an emergency visit to the hospital and requires surgery for the removal of appendix from the body promptly and safely. If the inflamed organ perforates, it may cause severe infection within the abdomen and even throw a life at risk.

Although it’s unclear why we have an appendix, but removing it doesn’t harm the body and you can live without acquiring any health issues after getting appendix surgery done.

Causes of Appendix Inflammation:

The known causes of appendicitis is the blockage of appendix that may occur due to some food residue, stool contents, intestinal worms or trauma. Contents may get trapped in the appendix....
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