Plastic Surgery Packages

Liposuction Trunk

Liposuction Trunk

AED 26,000

Following Services are included in the Package:
  1. Surgeon Professional Fees
  2. Anesthesia charges
  3. Pre-operative Anesthesia Consultation
  4. Operating Room Charges
  5. Surgeon Assistant fees
  6. Private Room charges – 1 overnight
  7. Physician Rounding Fees
  8. Routine Medical Consumables used for the procedure and during admission
  9. Routine Medications used for the procedure and during admission, including take home medications
  10. Post Operation follow up visits “4 consultations over 90 days post-surgery”
  1. Extra charges as per actual tariff would apply, if any complications arise during/after the procedure, which might require further extension of stay.
  2. Pre-Operation investigations are not included.
  3. Package is subject to the applicable VAT  “5%”.

Patients with the multiple/chronic health issues may require additional services.

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