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At American Hospital Dubai, we offer you surgical and non-surgical solutions to get rid of excess weight through world class expertise. Avail our summer offer NOW.

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Providing a Total Weight Loss Solutions

The decision to choose the preffered weight loss surgical or non surgical solution is upon the patient’s health condition, desired result and Doctor’s Reccomendation

Weight Loss Solutions

Expertise in a Full Range of Surgical or non Surgical Procedures

Bariatric Surgery is not only for loosing the excess body fat, but also to change and improve the health condition such as reducing Blood pressure, controlling Cholestrol levels, avoiding cardivascular diseases, Diabetes, etc, it is also mainly changing the lifestyle where the person is start having the apetite and energy to indulge into the community either being an active family member, catching up with his/her favourite hobbies with friends and most importantly looking better when it reflects and boost self confidence which mainly makes the person a productive positive individuel human being.

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Our Packages

The weight loss Journey is now fast and affordable.

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

AED 35,000


Surgeon Consultation

Pre-operative Anesthesia Consultation

Operating Room

Private Room with Telemetry – 1 Overnight

Routine Medications used for the procedure and during admission, including take home medications

Glucometer Blood Glucose Test

Electrocardiogram Test

Routine Laboratory Tests required during the admission

Chest X-RAY & Swallow /Esophagus X-RAY

Post Operation follow up visits “4 consultations over 90 days post-surgery”

Post Operation basic blood work up which includes (Renal Panel, PTT, CBC, Ab Screen)

Elipse Balloon

AED 16,500


The Balloon

Procedure cost

4 consults with the Doctor

Bi-weekly follow-ups with the nutritionist

Your own Body Composition Scale

*Smart weighing scale *and app to monitor the trend of weight loss


Starts from AED 26,000


Pre-Operative Anesthesia consultation

Operating room

Private Room - 1 overnight

Routine medical consumbles used for the procedure and during admission

Routine medications used for the procedure and during admission, including takehome medications

Post operation follow up visits "4 consultations over 90 days post-surgery"

About the Elipse® Balloon

Allurion’s flagship product—the Elipse Balloon— is a procedureless™ gastric balloon. The Elipse Balloon fills the stomach and assists you in feeling full and eating less. The Elipse Balloon is swallowed during a brief office visit and – months later – passes into the toilet

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Experienced Bariatric Surgeon

When choosing a bariatric surgeon, it goes without saying that experience and accreditation are of the utmost importance.

Personalised and confidential consultation

Scheduling a personal and confidential consultation is the best way to discuss your goals and expectations without any obligation

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