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Testimonials - Pediatrics

Thank you Pediatric Team

We have been looked after very well by the Peds team. In particular there have been some excellent team members from the aux. staff - Helen and the dinner lady. Also nurses Bhavika, Ansou, Nusheda and Arusba. All team very dedicated. Suggestion - have a specific phlebotomist (to do bloods) especially for small children. Charlotte

Thank You to Pediatrics Ward

I want to say a special thank you for all staff in Pediatric Ward, as there is the highly qualified staff, very caring for the patients, time consumable staff, follow the patients results either after the discharge from the hospital as the same importance and care in presence of patient in hospital.

I love this bracelet. The nurse gave it to me and we all became best friends.

When I had pneumonia I stayed at the hospital. The nurses gave me this bracelet with my name on it. They became my best friends and we used to laugh a lot. The doctors were really good. They used to make sure that I never felt scared of anything. My room was great too. My bed was like a space shuttle. It had buttons that made it go up and down and I was showing it off to everyone who came to see me. I enjoyed myself so much that when I got well enough to go home. I still wanted to stay!

I celebrated my son’s first birthday at American Hospital Dubai, because they gave him the greatest gift of life.

For 26 days after my son was born, he lay in a critical condition in the neonatal intensive care unit at American Hospital Dubai. Even now, when I talk about that time, I cry. As he battled for life inside his little incubator, the only thing that kept me going was my absolute belief that he was receiving the best medical care in the world. And my faith in the doctors, nurses and staff, who worked tirelessly, beyond their duty hours to make sure he would get well. While all the time, being considerate of my fears and need for reassurance. Comforting me, explaining things and involving me as much as they could in my baby’s healing process. To celebrate the happy day he turned one, I wanted him to be amongst the people who are as dear to us as family. Because I know that though I gave birth to him, they gave him the greatest gift of all.


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