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Testimonials - Oncology and Hematology

Sincere Appreciation

Dear Sirs, We are writing to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for the outstanding care and compassion your staff provided our 2 lovely sons (Majid & Nasser Al Bahrani) during their recent Hospital stay in March 2013. Both of our sons are suffering from Sickle Cell Beta Zero Thalassemia in addition to G6PD deficiency that makes treatment options more difficult. Our first son was admitted with Acute Chest Syndrome “one of the most serious complications of Sickle Cell disease”. This condition required him to enter the CICU to give the needed support care. It was not so long after; his brother followed him entering with chest pain crises. Eyes were kept so closely monitoring him to avoid worsening of his condition. All measures were taken to protect him from reaching his brother stage. Our experience at American Hospital Dubai was by far one of the best cares we have received. Since each and every caregiver was so exceptional. Each one of them went way beyond the call of duty for us and deserves very special thanks for hisher great efforts. We’d like to extend our special thanks to Dr. Maroun El Khoury, Dr. Faraz Khan, Dr. Moeena Zain, Dr. Emad Kowatli and all others who we don’t know them by names. During our stay we did not encounter anything negative and everyone we came in contact with was so professional, courteous and concerned, from the staff in the Emergency Room, Doctors, CICU Staff, Medical & Surgical ward, Nursing Staff, Public Relation, Housekeeping, and Food Service. Thanks God we have a hospital and caregivers that we can put our entire trust in. Please extend our deepest appreciation to all of your staff for the wonderful care we received while at your hospital. Sincerely, Al Bahrani Family

Our family is so grateful to you, it's not easy to find words.

Dear AHD Oncology Team, Over the last 2 months our lives have focused on Constantin's Sr. treatment and our visits to the hospital were the most important agenda items. Our experiences there have been defined by the people we met and the regular interactions that we had. Now, in hindsight, we could not have asked for more. Your team have exceeded every expectation, and has done so selflessly and gracefully. I am tempted to list all the qualities that make your team so outstanding in our minds: friendliness, professionalism, compassion, easy-going nature, seamless collaboration. I can make the list long. However, I think what our family will truly remember is the emotions that we experienced during each and every visit. We felt respected. We felt listened to. We felt cared for. We felt understood. And, importantly, we felt that we could trust. Constantin Sr. feels better today than he had in months and the quantitative measures have significantly improved. All-in-all, we are very pleased with the progress of his treatment. So, please, accept our heartfelt thank you! You have made a huge difference in the life of our family, and we will never forget this. Sincerely, Constantin C.

Extraordinary Physician

My Dad was under care of Dr. Faraz Khan for almost two years. I have never seen such an amazing human being and extraordinary physician which gives the best motivation and guidance to the patients and there loved ones. Through the difficult period of my Dad's treatment he was supporting in every mean to provide the best possible way to keep the him comfortable. The very thought of hospitalization is scary and traumatizing. But caring doctors like Dr. Faraz Khan make it more comfortable. Thanks for your effective analysis and diagnosis. Else, I would never have been able to withhold the situation. Unfortunately, my Dad is no more with us but still we can feel his presence. Thanks to Dr. Khan for teaching me the difference between Fact and Faith: Fact is when any ordinary doctor diagnoses illness in a report. Faith is when good doctors like you give their patients the strength to keep moving. Last but not the least thank you so much for all the AHD Oncology team for the kind support and help you people have extended during the last two years. Sincerely, Zafarullah Family


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