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Testimonials - General Surgery

Commending the staff at American Hospital Dubai for all the care and support

I am writing to commend the staff at American Hospital Dubai for all the care and support they have offered my family over recent years. My wife Laura Barrett was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in 2011 after arriving at AHD emergency room with stomach pains. She underwent surgery and chemotherapy treatment at that time. Since then we have been blessed with two boys, our second born on Thursday 5th November 2015. Both our sons were delivered at American Hospital Dubai and we are so pleased with the treatment and care we have received. We have been thoroughly impressed with the facilities, nursing staff and doctors who have helped us through this journey and I would like to specifically mention the following of your staff as having a profound positive impact in our lives. Dr. Regina Will Dr. Faraz Khan Oncology Nurse Nicola Dr. Nader Salti Dr. Omowunmi Braithwaite Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, Matthew Barrett

Thank you Dr. Salti and AHD staff

I was discharged this afternoon after having undergone a surgery by Dr. Nader Salti yesterday morning. I have to compliment every staff of the AHD I came across with in particular the nurses Claire from New Zealand, Clifford and Jill from the Philippines and last but not least the surgeon himself Dr. Nader Salti who took the time to explain my conditions and the surgical procedures required. Having only relocated to Dubai 9 months ago, I was hesitating whether to go to Bangkok where I resided for the past 3 years but I have to say it could not have been better. Thank you to all! Thierry Douin

Successful Total Gastrectomy Bypass Operation

Thank you Dr. Salti and Dr. Khan, I had a Total gastrectomy bypass operation last February 24 and its over six weeks now. I had a good recovery and without any complications on Dr. Salti capable hands and personalized care, thank you for visiting me even during weekends. I highly recommend and respect Dr. Salti and Dr, Khan, professionalism and friendly approach made me feel comfortable having them do the procedure and treatment. My family and I would like to extend our gratitude to Dr. Salti and Dr. Khan and All the nurses and the American Hospital Dubai team who took care of me. Good Job and keep up the good work !!! Thank you! Sincerely, Al Duazo

Post-hernia operation feedback

To whom it may concern, I can't thank Doctor Salti and his staff enough for the care and attention they gave me over the past weeks. This has been very difficult as it was my first operation, but it could have been much worse without Dr Salti's dedication and expertise. My mother and I are truly grateful for the level of care Dr Salti was able to administer to us. But, we're also grateful for the time he took to talk with us to help us better understand our options. It was a great comfort. Thanks again. They are truly doing a great job. Sincerely, David C.

My recent surgery experience

To whom it may concern: I wanted to inform you that during my recent visit to American Hospital in Dubai I was afforded outstanding treatment by Dr. Salti. I had to undergo emergency surgery and Dr. Salti went far above and beyond my expectations. I received award winning service that was equal and beyond what I could have expected back in my Native country of The United States. I was especially nervous having to have surgery in a foreign country but due to the care and attention I received from Dr. Salti as well as the rest of the staff involved in my care from American Hospital I can honestly say that things worked out exceptionally well. Upon entering the American Hospital I immediately knew that I had made the right choice in my decision to choose that facility to attend to my medical needs. I would highly recommend Dr. Salti, The American Hospital and the entire staff to anyone needing exceptional health care. Now and in the future I will certainly choose American Hospital as the only place to attend to my health care needs. Best Regards, Stephen W

Thank you Dr. Salti

To my dear Doctor Salti, Thank you for taking care of me and my surgery. You helped my husband and me to take one step at a time towards accepting my ailment and the right treatment with a right attitude. You not only advised about the 50% attitude contribution to healing but also promoted and encouraged the same at every step of the way. I look forward to complete treatment with you. My family is at peace and understanding because of you. You are helping me heal and helping my family heal at the same time. Thank you to the entire team of doctors, nurses, catering staff, cleaners for their contribution in my treatment. We truly appreciate it. Special thanks to my Anesthetist (sorry I forgot the name) who bonded with me as a woman too. Thank you American Hospital and thank you Dr. Salti once again. Best regards always, Suchita

Successful Thyroidectomy

I am not too sure where to start from. I have been to 5 different hospitals in UAE and did not feel comfortable of doing my Thyroidectomy either due to the low confidence level I established of their staff when we met or due to their low service levels. I am a person who asks and demands to understand (which is one of the patient's rights) and was never satisfied with what I was told in all those 5 hospitals I visited. This entire drama came to an end when I was referred to the American Hospital Dubai, being a very service oriented individual I was overwhelmed with the service, care, patience and knowledge of every staff member of the American Hospital Dubai that I met all the way from the receptionist reaching the surgeon. They did not only earn my confidence but my ultimate respect as well. I need to thank some specific individuals: Nurse Genifer: for her patience, extensive support, accommodating my requests as a patient and most of all her comforting smile which never left her face - Nurse Sameer for his care and patience (while being in the ward) - Nurse Mawada for her extreme patience especially it was a night shift, attention to details, extra care when handling me and the time she spent in explaining everything I asked about (while being in the ward) Thank you all, and keep up this EXCELLENT team work and service level. Sharbel Kamil Bejjani

Thank You Dr. Salti

Dear SirMadam I would like to write you an email to express my gratitude for one of your excellent surgeons at the American Hospital Dubai. On the 7th June, I unfortunately had to go to Emergency as I had an appendicitis. Fortunately for me Dr Salti was working. Dr Salti was excellent in every way, his manner, friendly approach, professionalism, explanation of operation, then after care. I cannot thank him enough for easing my concerns over what hospitalscare is like in Dubai - (I moved to Dubai in November and it has been a concern of mine since I have been here). Thank you again Dr Salti, and I will be recommending you to everybody I know. Kind Regards, Shelley Speller

Two Successful Operations

I think that one of the worst things that could ever happen to a person is if they fall terribly ill and have to have an operation, especially if you are an expat in a foreign country. On May 22, I was admitted to the American Hospital with severe abdominal pain. The following day I was introduced to Dr. Nader Isa Salti, who examined me and told me what he thought my diagnosis was, Hidradenititis Suppurativa. I was put onto a course of antibiotics for 4 days and scheduled for surgery a day later. Being new in Dubai, I was very skeptical about the doctors as I had never had any surgery done here before. Dr Salti reassured me that he would take the best possible care of me. I underwent surgery and all went well. Dr Salti then told me that I needed further surgery to be done. After the first operation I have total faith in him. The second operation was successful as well... I shall be forever grateful for the care and treatment of this dedicated surgeon... I hope that he will receive the praise he so richly deserves. I would also like to Thank all the Nursing Staff and cleaners in the Surgical Ward of the American Hospital Dubai. Kevin Pather

Thanks to Dr. Nader Salti

My wife had this week a Laparoscopic Gallbladder surgery which was performed very successfully by Dr. Nader Salti. From the initial visit, Dr. Salti was very pleasant, informative and reassuring, which made us very comfortable with him performing the surgery. He carefully reviewed her case, asking questions, and confirming findings, history, allergies, etc., and described to us the procedure, answering all questions, including the ones on possible complications, with probability statistics of their occurrence etc. Dr. Salti also relayed to us his own experience in performing this particular procedure which was very reassuring. The surgery went as planned, seemingly uneventful, without any complications, with very small incisions, and my wife walked out of the Hospital the following day, almost as if she had not had it. We would like to thank Dr. Salti for making this a very safe experience, and would highly recommend him without any hesitation to anyone, including our best friends. Thank You. Fawzy Mikhail

Thank You From a Patient

I will be glad to tell everyone that my experience with American Hospital Dubai was one of the most informative, pleasant and wonderful experiences I have ever had in a hospital. The whole staff that worked with me was totally professional and made me feel like they were taking care of their own family. I had concerns and some fear on the procedures that I would be going through but the doctors, nursing staff, technicians and administrative staff cleared my mind of these concerns. As a matter of fact I was very comfortable about the tests and procedures that I was going to face and I did not at any time worry about what risks I would go through. I knew I was in good hands and the service I received was absolutely marvelous. I have never received the service in the United States hospitals like the service I have received with the American Hospital Dubai. I want to thank everyone from the doctors, hospital staff personnel and even the young Filipina that works in the little coffee shop next to the gift shop, her service and friendly personality should be recognized as with your staff. You all are the best. Again thank you!!!!!!

Surgical Department

I have had 2 surgeries performed at the AHD. In both cases, the Dr.'s explained what was wrong, why I needed surgery, and they entire process in very simple terms, and listened and responded to questions I had. The nurses were all very dedicated to making sure everything was in order, assisted the Dr.'s during the procedures, and worked with me during my hospital stays to make sure I was ok or find out if I needed anything. The professionalism and caring of all of the staff members is unmatched by any other hospital I have been in. Sincerely, Scott McCurry


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