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Testimonials - Emergency Department

A Heartfelt Thank You

Greetings from Seattle, Washington USA! We are writing to you hoping you could help us with a very important matter. On November 26th 2009 while vacationing in Dubai our 4 year old son at the time had what we thought was an innocent fall. It was not, hours later he became very sick and we came to your hospital ER. Our son, Ian had a large subdural brain bleed. It is because of your wonderful, dedicated, professional medical team that we have our son. Every day that goes by we think how thankful we are to these people and your amazing hospital. At the time we know the doctors knew how thankful we were but we just want to remind them how dedicated they are, and so appreciated by us. We would really like to make contact with these doctors again to let them know almost 1 year later we are so thankful to them. We would also like to send a picture of Ian so they may see for themselves how this sweet wonderful little boy is, and who is now 5 and has no issues from this accident. Could you please ask these doctors if we could have their email or if you could provide me with an e mail that we could do so? This would mean so much to us that we could do this. The ER doctor was Dr. Imad Fakhani there was also another doctor working with him that night but we do not have his name. We do remember that his first name may have been Omar or maybe that was his last name. Hopefully, Dr. Fakhani would remember. We would also like to make contact with the anesthesiologist who was Dr. Robin MacGillivray. The Neurosurgeon was Dr. Mahmoud Shaaban and we do have his personal email but wanted to note to you how fantastic he was in saving our son's life. It is because of the one anniversary that we want to do these follow up communications if we were closer we would want to do so in person. Maybe one day we will be able to do so. Thank you in advance for helping us come full circle and allowing us to express our heartfelt gratitude one year later and everyday. Respectfully, Dawn and Christopher Pirie and Ian

I’ll never forget what the Emergency staff did for us. Talk about miracle at Christmas!

I’ll never forget what the Emergency staff did for us. Talk about miracle at Christmas! When I try to recall Haydn’s accident and the dreadful hours after, it’s all bit hazy. Although what I do remember with absolute clarity is the sense of hope and relief l felt once he was in the capable hands of the Emergency staff at the American Hospital Dubai. It seemed like they knew just how to handle both of us. In those moments of worry and distress, they calmed me down and treated my son with an efficiency and skill that saved his life. Nothing can express the depth of my gratitude to them. Of course, a hospital isn’t the best place in the world to spent Christmas, but given the circumstances I cannot think of any better.


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