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Bariatric /Weight Loss Surgery

American Hospital Dubai now offers attractive Bariatric / Weight Loss Surgery Packages


More Insurance cards now have outpatient and inpatient direct billing services

The Heart and Vascular Center

The Heart & Vascular Center at the American Hospital Dubai is a regional center of excellence for cardiology.


Senior Management Team

Allan Boston
Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years of experience in senior management in private healthcare and in the community services sector, Allan Boston has led an illustrious career serving as a leader in several companies and not-for-profit organizations.

Allan first started his journey in his native Australia where he earned a Bachelor of Pharmacy followed by a Master’s Degree of Health Administration, before attending the prestigious Harvard Business School where he excelled in his Executive Management program for healthcare organizations.

Over the course of the years, he has overseen successful operations in a number of different positions such as Executive Director at Epworth Healthcare, Executive Director Melbourne Services for St John of God Health Care and as Chief Executive Officer of Calvary Health Care Tasmania. Most recently Allan served as Chief Executive Officer at The Bays Healthcare Group Inc in Australia.

Allan is also a member of a number of influential organizations such as the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the Australian College of Health Service Executives and the Australian Private Hospitals Association. For many years he has also served the Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Health Care through membership of a number of committees.

Having worked in both the private and public sectors, Allan continues to look forward to new challenges where he can explore new frontiers and develop his experience and knowledge further.

Dr. Robert Courteney-Harris
Chief Medical Officer

After achieving his medical degree from St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, Dr. Robert went onto become the Senior Registrar in ENT at the esteemed Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Norfolk Hospital and Norwich Hospital.

In 1996, he became a Consultant ENT/Head and Neck Surgeon at the University Hospitals of North Midlands, a large trust with a capacity of 1500 beds. During his time at UHNM, Robert’s formal clinical managerial career progressed and he went onto hold the position of Deputy Medical Director in 2005, before becoming the Executive Medical Director/Deputy Chief Executive in 2007. Prior to joining the American Hospital Dubai, Dr. Robert worked as Acting Chief Executive at UHNM.

During his impressive career, Dr. Robert has been involved in several major projects, including the construction of a new hospital project worth £370m, the development of a new medical school and the acquisition of a neighbouring hospital. As Executive Medical Director, Robert was responsible for the management of around 500 consultants, over 600 doctors and the assurance of quality and safety of UHNM alongside the Chief Nurse.

With over 20 years’ worth of clinical and executive experience, Dr. Robert is looking to take the American Hospital Dubai on a progressive journey by building up the medical leadership within the organization. He emphasizes the importance of quality and guarantees that under the leadership of the board, the American Hospital Dubai, will not let this vital component deteriorate.

Stuart Rodney
Chief Business Development Officer

Stuart Rodney is an innovative and strategic leader with a passion for making a difference. He has a proven track record for delivering results over a 25 year career across Australian and international organizations.

With a career that started in supply chain & logistics and successfully transitioned into the health sector, his areas of expertise include managing complex service industries, financial accountability and general management. Additionally, Stuart is highly experienced in harnessing technology to enable and support better business processes.

Having worked and lived in London, Hong Kong, New York, Silicon Valley, Singapore and most recently Brisbane, he brings a unique and global perspective to the organization. In his most recent role with Queensland Health, he led the operations of Pathology Queensland, Biomedical Technology Services, Strategic Procurement & Supply, Central Pharmacy and Group Linen Services across the Queensland public health sector.

Stuart is absolutely passionate about the customer experience and places customers at the centre of everything he does. He is a compassionate and ethical leader who strives to build motivated, effective and capable teams who are all focused on positive customer outcomes.

Rachel Overfield
Chief Nursing Officer

A natural leader known for developing new roles in the nursing sector, Rachel Overfield is the Chief Nursing Officer at the America Hospital Dubai.

Upon her official certification as a registered nurse in the United Kingdom in 1985, Rachel started her career working as a Staff Nurse across a number of different specialties. Her big break came in 1989 when she landed her first Surgical Ward Manager position in one of the UK’s finest hospitals.Over the course of the next few years, Rachel developed an inclination towards Oncology and Palliative Medicine, and by the early 90s she officially established herself as a Specialist Nurse in that field. Her next career move lead her to Senior Nursing Management positions across different surgical and OPD specialties.In 1999, Rachel started a new job as a Deputy Director of Nursing in a large Acute NHS Hospital. Her excellent work ethic and skills saw her get promoted to Director of Nursing at the same hospital in 2002. Over the next 14 years, she gained experience as a Director of Nursing across four different NHS Hospitals including a “Special Measures” facility where she worked as part of a turnaround team.

In parallel with her work as a Director of Nursing, Rachel also served as a Director of Quality Governance for several years, as well as a Director of Operations, Facilities and Workforce.

Rachel’s career saw her take period of leave from Operational Leadership to join one of the UK’s regulatory bodies as a Quality Improvement Manager to support hospitals and community organizations and perform regular inspection visits.

Ghanim Khamis Al Marri
Director of Public Relations

Ghanim Khamis Al Marri has been the Director of the Public Relations Department at American Hospital Dubai since 2002.

He is responsible for looking after our VIP Patients, corporate patients and coordinating with departments for public sector issues. Prior to this, he worked as a Patient Relations Officer with the hospital. Before joining the hospital, he worked at Emirates Airlines as a Ground Operations Supervisor.

Dr. Yaser Sabsabi
Director of Revenue Management

Dr. Yaser Sabsabi is a healthcare insurance expert with over 18 years of experience in the field.

Fully-certified and highly-skilled, Dr. Sabsabi is the holder of a medical license, a degree in Industrial Medicine, a CII diploma in Insurance and an MBA from Australia’s Chifley Business School.Over the course of the years, he has combined his knowledge and experience to develop and implement a long-term strategy for the future of e-healthcare.

Dr. Sabsabi’s career has led him to work at some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical institutions. His earliest professional endeavors saw him working in companies such as MedNet in Saudi Arabia, Procter & Gamble and Saudi Airlines, where he managed insurance products, medical claims and a large network of healthcare providers.

He went on to serve as Vice President at Oman Insurance Co while simultaneously representing the private insurance sector and joining the Dubai Health Authority and Health Authority Abu Dhabi panels. This enabled him to help develop health insurance regulations and policies to better implement mandatory basic insurance and manage pharmacy benefits and e-prescription protocols.

His work has allowed him to partner up with some of the world’s leading companies such as Bupa Global, Munich-Re, Assist America and Paramount.