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American Hospital Dubai’s Thyroid Cancer Center is a one-stop-clinic offering medical services and professional treatments for patients with Thyroid Nodules.

With a high rate of success in Thyroid Cancer treatment over the past 23 years, our resources and full range of services are dedicated to identifying cancerous Thyroid Nodules and administering appropriate treatment plans based on the nature and stage of the disease.

Backed by the hospital’s dedicated multidisciplinary medical board, the center is home to a group of skilled Thyroid and Parathyroid Disease specialists, surgeons, oncologists and nurses that assess each patient and follow up on their progress.


Most commonly detected in young adults, nodules found in the anterior part of the lower neck are often associated with the thyroid. Over 95% of those will be diagnosed as benign and removed only as a precaution. The more malignant tumors progress rather slowly, which greatly contributes to the higher treatability of Thyroid Cancer. However, early detection and diagnosis remain key elements for a successful treatment plan.

The standard regimen administered for cancerous nodules is thyroid surgery followed by closely-monitored radio iodine treatment. Of course, insuring the operation is performed by a highly-qualified surgeon is essential to successful thyroid cancer management and more conducive to full recovery.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Neck lumps are first referred to a Head and Neck specialist. Following the detection of a thyroid nodule, physicians will run a clinical assessment that includes a neck ultrasound and a thyroid hormone blood test. The next steps will depend entirely on the test results.

If the thyroid gland is found to be hyperactive and producing an overload of hormones, the patient is referred to an endocrinologist for a more detailed prognosis.

If the nodule is judged to possess suspicious and unusual characteristics, fine-needle aspiration is usually administered. In that case, a small needle is inserted inside the nodule for a few seconds to extract cells for diagnosis.

In the occurrence of thyroid cancer, surgery by a highly-qualified physician is the standard. The outcome of the operation depends entirely on the surgeon’s expertise and skills.

Following the surgery, our team determines whether or not post-operative radio iodine ablation is recommended. If it is, patients receive oral radioactive iodine tablets and remain in the hospital for up to 3 days in order to minimize the risk of contamination.

While less common, advanced stages require chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy.

Naturally, long-term follow-up minimizes the risk of complications and increases full recovery chances.


American Hospital Dubai’s Thyroid Cancer Center is led by a multidisciplinary team of qualified and certified physicians. The board includes ENT Head and Neck surgeons, endocrinologists, radiologists, pathologists, nuclear medicine specialists, medical oncologists and radiotherapists.

Validated as experts in their respective fields, the team members hold general meetings every fortnight where they assess each case individually, in order to ensure a close patient monitoring process is in place as well as accurate treatment administration.

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Other Doctors in this Department

Dr. Hubert K. Penninckx


American Hospital Dubai

Dr. Hanaa Zidan

Pediatric Endocrinologist

American Hospital Dubai

Dr. Shenaz Seedat

MBBS (University of Qld, Australia) and FRACP (Endocrinology)

American Hospital Dubai

Dr. Hatem Moussa

Diplomat of American Board of Surgery
Consultant General Surgeon

American Hospital Dubai

Dr. Ausama Alaani

Consultant ENT, Head and Neck Surgery
ENT, Head and Neck Surgery

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