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Pediatric Surgery


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Leading Pediatric Clinic in Dubai Media City

Pediatric Surgery

In addition to housing the leading pediatric eye specialists in Dubai, the Pediatric Surgery department at American Hospital Dubai provides a vast array of surgical services that range from minor procedures to major surgical operations, for children under the age of 15.

The Pediatric Clinic is located in Dubai Media City and aims to improve the quality of life of children and their families. Our physicians, nurses, pediatric surgeons and specialists are leaders in their fields, working tirelessly to ensure our patients benefit from a safe and child-friendly environment in order to improve their conditions and cure their diseases. The team is adamant about the need for children to feel as comfortable and secure as possible, and the need for parents and physicians to build a relationship and bond of trust and confidence.

The clinic maintains the highest standards of service in line with the international guidelines in Pediatric Surgery, and our in-patient care is operational on a daily basis. The staff of the Pediatric Surgery Clinic check on their patients at least twice a day in order to monitor their conditions and assess their progress, while our out-patient clinic welcomes minors from Saturdays to Wednesdays.


Neonatal Surgery (including Congenital Malformation) – Our pediatric surgery specialists believe that infant care starts before the birth. As such, our team of experts run careful assessments, perform diagnosis, administer treatments and complete surgical procedures as early as viably safe and possible in order to increase the survival chances of every infant.
Our pediatric specialists are among the best in Dubai, combining skill with knowledge and state-of-the-art medical equipment to perform surgical procedures in our pediatric operating rooms. Additionally, our neonatal intensive care units are at the disposal of our patients to provide children with the best possible medical service.

Our team includes some of Dubai’s best pediatric eye specialists, but also physicians and surgeons that specialize in congenital disorders and birth defects.

Laparoscopic Pediatric Surgery
Also known as Minimally Invasive Surgery, MIS, Band-aid Surgery or even Keyhole Surgery, Laparoscopic Pediatric Surgery calls for the performance of elaborate surgeries using modern medical techniques, through small incisions often located far from the infected areas.

Inguinal Hernia (Certain Indications)
Inguinal Hernia is quite common in infants and toddlers and can be treated through several minimally invasive procedures that include the Eversion Technique and the Intracorporeal Suturing Technique, among others.

Laparoscopic Gastrostomy is performed on patients who suffer from conditions that prevent them from eating normally, such as throat tumors and infections. Other symptoms include nausea and profuse vomiting, diarrhea or acute weight loss. Surgeons perform the operation by administering a feeding tube that allows nutrients and special liquid supplements to be fed directly into the child’s intestines in order to improve their health. The procedure is one of the most common pediatric surgeries.

Laparoscopic Pediatric Splenectomy is performed when children suffer from spleen disorders, such as the excessive consumption of red blood cells that can result in anemia, or when red blood cells are abnormally shaped and therefore cannot be recognized by the spleen.
The surgery opts for the removal of the spleen, an organ that sits just under the diaphragm, to the left of the abdomen.

The development of gallstones is a common occurrence for children and teenagers. Laparoscopic Pediatric Cholecystectomy is performed to remove the patient’s gallbladder and relieve them of the pain. The surgery is very minimal and requires only four small incisions to extract the gallbladder.

Appendicitis is another very common disorder for infants. The development of modern medical technology and surgical options has turned appendectomy, once a very complex operation, into a minimally invasive procedure that can remove the appendix through three small incisions in the body.
Appendicitis can go unnoticed in some cases which can cause infections and perforations, in which case the operation will take place after administering treatments with antibiotics for a number of weeks prior.

Pyloric Stenosis
A condition that usually occurs in infants under the age of five months, Pyloric Stenosis’ most common symptom is forceful vomiting. The heaving occurs when the baby’s pylorus, an organ that connects the stomach to the small intestine, suffers from swelling and thickens in volume, which can in turn keep food from travelling down the infant’s digestive system.
When the child is diagnosed with Pyloric Stenosis, A pyloromyotomy is performed.

Day Case Surgery – A day case surgery is a surgical operation that can be performed in a single day. The patient will not be required to stay in the hospital overnight, and instead will be released after the physician on the case performs the surgery.

Inguinal Hernia and Hydrocele
Inguinal Hernia can cause abdominal organs to protrude out of their place and into the inguinal canal or the scrotum. It is a collection of fluids that produces the swelling. Inguinal hernia and hydrocele share a similar etiology and pathophysiology and may coexist.
The condition will require a hernia reduction surgery, a procedure that the doctors at Dubai Media City’s leading pediatric clinic perform on a regular basis.

Umbilical Hernia and Epigastric Hernia
Considered as a congenital condition, an epigastric hernia is caused by a fissure in the fibrous tissue of a child’s abdomen, right between the breast bone and the belly button.
The urgency for surgery is assessed based on the condition’s progress. When needed, our team of pediatric surgeons will administer a small incision right over the infected area, and will either push the protruding fat back into its place or remove it entirely, depending on the patient’s condition.

Undescended Testis
Commonly referred to as Undescended Testicle, it requires surgery in order to move the infant’s testicles from his abdomen or stomach, and back into the scrotum.

Ganglion and Other Swellings
A lump or growth full of thick fluids just below the surface of the skin, a ganglion cyst is often benign and painless. Discomfort can sometimes occur due to the location of the swelling, or when infected.
Extraction surgery can remove ganglions and other swellings, and full recovery is very common.

One of the most common pediatric day case surgical operations, a circumcision calls for the removal of the excessive skin that covers the penis, sometimes referred to as foreskin. It is commonly performed when male infants are very young, between the ages of one and ten days, but can be performed at a later stage if needed.

Ingrown Nail
A painful condition that can cause redness and swelling, and in severe cases infections that can spread through the toe and into the bone, ingrown nails occur when an infant’s nail is growing into their skin.
Our specialists administer full diagnosis, treatment, and surgery when needed, in order to fully treat this disorder.

Incision and Drainage of Abscess
Abscess is a condition that develops when bacteria enters the skin through a hair root, a cut or even an insect bite, becoming trapped and subsequently causing fluids and pus to form, and ultimately infecting the area.
In order to treat the abscess, our pediatric surgeon will perform a small incision to drain the pus out of the infected area. This is commonly known as Incision and Drainage, or I and D. The patient may be prescribed antibiotics after the surgery in order to cure the infection. The abscess can continue to drain for several days and might take several weeks to fully heal.

Thyroglossal Cyst and cystic Hygroma
Thyroglossal Cyst are irregular neck masses or lumps that develop from cells and tissues that remain after the formation of the thyroid gland. The cyst is viable for immediate surgery when it is not infected. In the case of an infected cyst, treatment is administered in order to cure the infection before the surgery can be performed.


Prenatal Counseling for Congenital Anomalies

Our team of surgeons and specialists will provide parents with professional counselling in order to walk them through treatment options and surgical plans for congenital anomalies and disorders.


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Dr. Hussein Naji

Consultant Pediatric Surgeon

American Hospital Dubai


Saturday to Thursday |  from 8.00 to 18.00

Note: clinic time might differ from day to day based on physician availability, they might be in OR or in inpatient.
The published timing for OPD through administration is 0800-1800.