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As the most prominent cancer care center in Dubai, the American Hospital Dubai provides world-class cancer treatments and care support for local patients. Built and operational since 2011, the facility brought the necessary technology to Dubai in order to provide cancer patients with optimal treatment chances and allow them to receive the needed medical care while staying close to their homes and by their loved ones during their journeys.

The American Hospital Dubai Cancer Care Center provides the most advanced radiation therapies available. Led by a highly-skilled radiation therapy team of oncology nurses, radiation therapists, medical physicists and dosimetrists who work with radiation oncologists to design treatment plans that attack the disease and heal the patient, the facility implements a full patient-centered approach to care. Our staff blends together impeccable bedside manner with skill and the highest level of knowledge to treat patients in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region with the same leading-edge technology often found in larger metropolitan areas.

At the Cancer Care Center, we take a holistic approach to healing. We provide support services designed to care for various aspects of a patient’s well-being during treatment. These wraparound therapies include nutritional therapy, massage therapy, financial assistance, travel and lodging assistance, and emotional and spiritual support among many others, with special recommendations made according to each patient’s specific needs.

The mission of the American Hospital Dubai Cancer Center is to provide excellence in cancer care through outstanding programs that integrate quality patient care, prevention of cancer, education and research. We are highly motivated to educate others, explore ways to prevent cancer, and recruit and retain the most qualified people by creating a culture that encourages, rewards and protects employees. Our priority is to assure that all patients affected by cancer have access to the highest quality care.


Medical Oncology

As the leading cancer treatment center in Dubai, American Hospital Dubai’s Cancer Care Center provides a full range of Medical Oncology and Hematology services that cover the entire spectrum of cancer types and blood disorders.

Led by American-Board-Certified hematologists and oncologists, the Medical Oncology team of doctors, nurses and surgeons continue to provide top service by holding screening and early detection programs, educational activities and seminars and regular cancer board meetings to determine new courses of action and stay up to date on the medical sector’s every advancement.

Additionally, the Medical Oncology team provides care that goes beyond the traditional forms of surgery, chemotherapy and palliative care, exploring new treatment possibilities and offering different procedures and options.


Radiation Oncology

The Cancer Care Center at the American Hospital Dubai supports the most advanced radiation therapies available on a global level. The department’s team of high-skilled and qualified radiation experts consists of nurses, radiation therapists, physicists and dosimetrists who work together with radiation oncologists to design and develop treatment plans that obliterate the disease and infected areas and heal the patient within the possibilities.

Our Radiation Oncology department enforces a patient-centered approach to care and treatment, using the most recent medical advancements and cutting-edge technology to provide cancer patients with their best shot at a full recovery.


Surgical Oncology

The Surgical Oncology department of the American Hospital Dubai focuses on the surgical management of tumors and cancerous growths. As one of the oldest successful cancer treatment options, surgical oncology often tackles the most advanced stages of cancer. Our nurses, doctors and surgical oncologists rely on their skill and knowledge to provide patients with their best treatment plans and perform surgeries to enhance their chances at beating cancer and surviving the disease.


Pediatric Oncology

Providing cancer treatments and care of the highest level to subjects with Hematological and Oncological disorders, the Pediatric Oncology department offers treatments to patients strictly below the age of 18 years. By providing assessment, diagnosis, treatment plans and surgical procedures, our team of pediatric oncologists work closely together to determine the best course of action for every patient while taking into account their diagnosis, detailed medical history and age.

The department’s approach is different from other oncology departments as it often refers patients to other departments and clinics within the hospital, such as the Cardiopulmonary division, the Medical Imaging branch or the hospital’s laboratories. The physicians will also make direct admissions for pediatric inpatient care, from the clinic to the pediatric ward.


Palliative Care

Cancer treatments can often be painful and highly aggressive. This is where Palliative Care comes in. Helping patients ease into their treatment programs and deal with the painful side-effects of cancer surgeries and medical procedures, Palliative Care is administered in parallel with other cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, to relieve the pain and improve the patient’s mental health and quality of life during their battle with cancer.

Cancer therapy is complicated on an emotional and physical level for the patient, which is why Palliative Care is commonly considered as an integral part of the treatment plans for serious diseases and life-threatening illnesses.

Palliative Care in no way acts as a replacement for primary treatment, but rather works in conjunction with medical therapies the patient is already receiving to alleviate pain and control the symptoms throughout the cancer journey.


Cancer Support Services

The American Hospital Dubai provides a comprehensive list of cancer support services for cancer patients and their families and loved ones, such as support groups, lodging assistance, nutritional care and dietary plans, and physical and emotional therapy.


Mayo Clinic Care Network

Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization that is committed to providing comprehensive care to everyone who needs healing. At Mayo Clinic, doctors from every medical specialty work together to advance medical knowledge through research and education and apply that knowledge to medical care.

Mayo Clinic is the first and largest integrated, not-for-profit group practice in the world. At Mayo, a team of specialists is assembled to take the time to listen, understand and care for patients’ health issues and concerns. These teams draw from more than 4,000 physicians and scientists and nearly 60,000 allied health staff.

The Mayo Clinic Care Network recognizes that people prefer to get their health care close to home. A primary goal of the network is to help people gain the benefits of Mayo Clinic expertise without necessarily having to travel to a Mayo Clinic facility. Mayo achieves this goal by developing closer relationships with community medical providers through formal collaboration and tools and services that promote information sharing.

Mayo Clinic launched the Mayo Clinic Care Network in 2011. The network consists of like-minded organizations that share a common commitment to improving the delivery of health care in their communities through high-quality, data-driven, evidence-based medical care.

Doctors in this Department

Other Doctors in this Department

Dr. Maroun El Khoury

Consultant Oncologist / Hematologist

American Hospital Dubai

Dr. Faraz Khan

Consultant Oncologist / Hematologist

American Hospital Dubai

Dr. Tarek Dufan

MD, Msc, FRCPC, Director of Radiation Oncology and Medical Imaging
Senior consultant Radiation Oncologist

American Hospital Dubai

Dr. Abdul Hafeez Siddiqui

Pediatric Hematologist/ Oncologist

American Hospital Dubai

Dr. Hatem Moussa

Diplomat of American Board of Surgery
Consultant General Surgeon

American Hospital Dubai

Dr. Reinhold Zimmermann


American Hospital Dubai

Dr. Dima H Abdul Jabbar

Oncology/Internal medicine consultant
Oncology/Internal medicine consultant

American Hospital Dubai

Dr. Tiernan Byrnes

Spinal Neurosurgeon

American Hospital Dubai

Dr. Mona Tareen

Geriatrician / Hospice and Palliative Care Specialist

American Hospital Dubai

Dr. Imran Haq

Consultant General Surgeon

American Hospital Dubai