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Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Department of American Hospital Dubai

American Hospital Dubai’s Ear, Nose and Throat Center is considered as one of the best in the region, with some of the best ENT doctors in Dubai and the region running diagnosis, administering treatments, and performing surgical operations on a daily basis.
Also known as otorhinolaryngology, ENT specializes in the treatment and care of diseases of the ear, nose, throat and base of the skull, as well as surgical procedures for cancers and benign tumors of the head and neck.

ENT specilaties perform following surgeries and treatments at American Hospital Dubai Clinic


American Hospital Dubai’s team of expert ENT specialists includes some of the best audiologists in Dubai. Primarily in charge of diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss and balance disorders, they also treat with disorders in the auditory and vestibular system portion of the ear.
They make use of several testing strategies such as hearing tests, otoacoustic emission measurements, videonystagmography and electrophysiologic tests among other methods, in order to determine whether or not the patient’s hearing is sound, and if not, exactly how serious the damage is, which portion of the hearing is impacted by the disorder, and where the exact location of the lesion that is causing the hearing loss is.
If a patient is diagnosed with hearing loss or any form of vestibular abnormality such as Vertigo, the audiologist in charge will recommend treatment plans to assist with the healing.
Our audiologists treat a variety of patients that differ in ages. They also assist in the rehabilitation of disorders such as tinnitus, auditory processing, cochlear implants and hearing aid implementation.

Surgery of the Ear, including Cochlear Implants

The team of ENT specialists at the Ear, Nose and Throat Center of American Hospital Dubai features some of the finest ENT surgeons in Dubai. With extensive knowledge and skill in the field, they provide complete surgical options for ear infections and hearing loss.
The team also specialize in cochlear implants, which are small, complex electronic devices that can help individuals with severe hearing problems regain a sense of sound. They consist of a small external device that sits directly behind the ear, while another portion is surgically planted beneath the skin.
Cochlear implants provide a better option than traditional hearing aids. That is because traditional hearing aids increase sound volume, but do not necessarily affect the quality of speech understanding. In contrast, cochlear implants transmit a clarity of sound that is often highly needed for hearing impaired patients in order to understand speech and languages.
Following cochlear implant surgery, a rehabilitation program and training period are required in order to provide the patient with optimal hearing assistance.

Surgery of the Nasal Cavity and the Paranasal Sinuses

Most of our face constitutes of the oral cavity, the maxilla and the mandible, as well as the nose and its adjoined sinuses. Due to the proximity of each of these organs to one other, infection or diseases in one of them can easily contaminate other sections. As portals of nutrition and respiration, they serve very vital functions.
American Hospital Dubai’s ENT experts master endoscopic surgery and paranasal sinuses surgery that are sometimes performed to clear sinuses and remove growths and other polyps. They also serve to treat and remove cancers.

Surgery of Neoplastic Disease of the Nasal Cavity, Larynx and Hypopharynx

Neoplastic Disease is a form of cancer characterized by uncontrolled and chaotic proliferation of a group of cells. It can occur in any part of the body.
As one of the most complex parts of the human body, the head is also one of the most sensitive. The development of tumors in that region must be given the greatest importance and handled with the utmost care.
The ENT Center of American Hospital Dubai has a team of highly-trained surgeons that specialize in nasal cavity, larynx and hypopharynx neoplastic disease surgeries.

Surgery of the Thyroid Gland and Tumors of the Head and Neck

Head and neck surgeons are known as otolaryngologists or ENT physicians who have particular expertise in administering treatment plans for head and neck tumors, as well as endocrine gland disorders of the neck. These include benign and severe tumors and disorders of the thyroid and parathyroid glands.
Some of the symptoms exhibited by patients suffering from such diseases include hoarseness, swallowing difficulties, acute pain in the throat area especially when swallowing, weight loss, chronic ear pain without hearing loss, painless neck masses and noisy breathing.
As some of Dubai’s best ENT surgeons, our team administer treatments that include surgical procedures, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. As with every disorder, each treatment plan is meticulously developed following a thorough analysis of the patient’s medical record and history, as well as the exact location and stage of the disorder.
Surgeries of the thyroid gland and tumors of the head and neck sometimes require the opinion and expertise of a number of different physicians and therapists such as dieticians, physical therapists and speech language pathologists along with reconstructive surgeons, neurosurgeons and radiation and medical oncologists, among others.

Selected Facial Plastic Surgery

In most cases, facial plastic surgery is elective. It is reconstructive surgery that alters and modifies the facial features of the patient, and includes standard procedures such as rhinoplasty and lip injections.
However, some medical cases such as severe tumors and skin disorders might require reconstructive surgery to help the treated areas heal.
Whatever the case, the team of facial plastic surgery at the American Hospital Dubai pour the same care and effort into every single one of their procedures, continuously providing patients with the highest level of service and knowledge.

Salivary Gland Excisional Surgery

Located directly below the lower jaw, the submandibular gland is a salivary gland that ejects saliva through a tube towards the mouth. When the tubes that drain the saliva become blocked, usually due to stones formed by the saliva itself, it can cause an infection to occur in the salivary gland, which requires an operation to remove the submandibular gland.
The procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

Speech, Voice and Swallowing Therapy

Provided by experienced speech-language pathologists, this form of therapy treats articulation, language, stuttering, voice, cognition and swallowing disorders.

Doctors in this Department

Other Doctors in this Department

Dr. Muaaz Tarabichi

ENT Surgeon

American Hospital Dubai

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ENT Surgeon

American Hospital Dubai

Dr. Ausama Alaani

Consultant ENT, Head and Neck Surgery
ENT, Head and Neck Surgery

American Hospital Dubai

Dr. Arturo Mario Poletti

Consultant Otolaryngology

American Hospital Dubai


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