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Primary Care Clinic

American Hospital Dubai’s Primary Care Clinic is an off campus medical center located in Media City. The clinic was established to provide high quality, American-standard healthcare services to families and individuals in Dubai. Our Primary Care Clinic provides excellent general medical care, offering several clinical services, such as physical examinations, administering immunization, wellness checks and travel advice.

The Primary Care Clinic’s physicians are some of the best in the country and practice with the utmost care, compassion and quality. Highly knowledgeable and experts in their field, our general practitioners are board-certified and experienced in treating children, teenagers, adults and the elderly for a range of common, acute and chronic illnesses. They go to every length to determine an accurate diagnosis and offer an appropriate, personalized treatment plan. Supporting the doctors are the Primary Care Clinic’s compassionate and highly skilled nurses. The clinic strives to provide Dubai’s population with good health, encouraging regular checkups and scheduled immunizations to achieve consistent physical and mental well-being.

The Primary Care Clinic has established a calm and soothing environment, relaxing frightened children and nervous adults. The Media City clinic has the latest, cutting edge equipment for various treatments, resulting in the majority of procedures being carried out within the center, eliminating a prolonged wait for medical care. Primary Care Clinic is open from 8AM till 6PM, from Saturday to Thursday. You may call beforehand to make an appointment, however, walk-ins are welcome as well.


Clinical Offerings

Primary Care in Media City offers a wide variety of services, including preventive medicine, healthcare packages and insurance medicals. Our highly expert team of doctors nurses and staff will make certain that your health needs are met promptly, professionally and with care. Some clinical offerings include:


General Practice
Our highly skilled Primary Care physicians treat adults and children of both genders. The clinic’s doctors diagnose a multitude of common medical issues and conditions, as well as treat acute and chronic illnesses. Our aim is to restore a patient’s health without having to refer them to a specialist, as to avoid extending a patient’s treatment and recovery. The comprehensive knowledge and skill of our physicians usually means that they are able to completely manage and treat an issue within the clinic.


Annual Check Ups
Our doctors recommend at least yearly visits to the clinic for to remain in optimum health. Our focus is to ensure the continued health of a person, both physically and mentally.


School Health Check Ups
School health check-ups are extremely important. In an environment where children are in close proximity to one another, illnesses and viruses are easily spread. Primary Care highly encourages parents to take their children for a medical examination at least yearly, to ensure they remain in excellent health. This is important for a strong immune system. We also provide vaccinations and immunization boosters to protect children from diseases and conditions.


Travel Advice
When travelling overseas, it is important to ensure that you are up to date with all your vaccines. Our doctors may recommend a booster jab to guarantee resistance from certain illnesses. Some diseases are more prevalent depending on where you are travelling and the clinic can recommend certain precautions to take when visiting those particular areas.


Pre-employment Physicals
In keeping with U.A.E. laws, all new employees must undergo a physical exam in order to work and receive a visa. The Primary Care Clinic provides these services, including the compulsory blood test and X-Ray.


Benefits of Primary Care Clinic

Primary Care Clinic has a compassionate, holistic and quality approach to medicine. Our leading physicians seek to develop a close relationship with their patients, which gives them a consistent, in-depth understanding of their patients’ health. This can assist a doctor in providing a more comprehensive, personalized treatment plan, as they will have extensive knowledge of your lifestyle and possess a thorough report of your medical history. This information, combined with regular physical examinations, allows our excellent doctors to help in continuing a patient’s prime health.

Furthermore, patients at Primary Care Clinic have a wide access to a number of health services, including preventive care and management of chronic illnesses. Primary Care Clinic is able to provide families and individuals with coordinated care and treatment in one place, allowing for patient convenience. Primary Care Clinic in Media City offers a wide scope of personalized medical care. Our expert doctors will meet all your medical needs with quality and compassion, ensuring your comfort at all times.


Clinical Offerings

  1. General Practice – Adult and Pediatric – Male and Female
  2. Acute and Chronic Illness
  3. Annual Check-Ups / Well Woman Check-Ups
  4. School Health Check-Ups
  5. Preventive Medicine / Packages / Insurance Medicals
  6. Immunizations
  7. Travel Advice
  8. Pre-employment Physicals