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General Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery in Dubai


At the General Surgery Department, our main aim is to deliver all-inclusive surgical healthcare at a world-class standard. Our team of multidisciplinary fellowship-trained, board certified surgeons all possess a wealth of knowledge, as well as special interests within a variety of subspecialties such as oncologic surgery, advanced laparoscopic surgery, colorectal surgery, breast surgery, endocrine surgery and pediatric surgery.

Our facilities feature cutting-edge equipment and enable our experienced surgeons to complete routine operations using progressive techniques with proficiency and ease. The department receives full cooperation and consultation from the oncology department, helping to proliferate successful diagnosis and treatment of patients.

At the American Hospital Dubai, we operate to the highest international standards.

Our committed team of staff devote themselves to ensure that all needs of the patients are met, from the very first consultation, through to their comprehensive post-surgery aftercare and beyond.


Adult Surgery

Oncological Surgery

Our surgeons are experts in their field and have undergone intensive specialized oncological training, regarding treatment and surgery. The department effectively deals with gastrointestinal, endocrine and skin malignancy issues, effectively utilizing minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery techniques.

Individuals are guaranteed quality healthcare and premium surgical treatment. Through the patient-orientated and highly quality approach of our doctors coupled with the collaboration of related departments, the best possible outcome is often achieved.

Services Include:


Using advanced techniques such as laparoscopic surgery, our specialized surgeons provide patients treatment for a variety of diseases, such as hernias, intestinal tumors and removal of malignant skin disorders.


Our multidisciplinary team of internationally recognized surgeons offer a wide range of minimally invasive and advanced colorectal surgeries.

Services include:


Our specialist team offers multiple forms of treatment for breast diseases.

Services Include:


A leader in minimally invasive surgeries, AHD general surgery department provides infants and adolescents with quality surgical treatments.

Services include:


Before a surgery takes place, a patient must have a consultation with a physician within the hospital. This will help the surgeons understand how best to help the patient and which procedures to take.

Cancer surgery

A variety of factors influence whether or not a cancer patient is suitable for surgery. Variables such as size, stage, location and grade of the tumor can affect this decision. The overall fitness of the individual will also be taken into consideration, as operating on an objectively unhealthy patient could be hugely detrimental to the success of the operation.

Surgery, for a large number of patients, will be part of a combined solution involving other treatments. These will potentially involve radiation therapy and chemotherapy. To deter the spread of cancerous cells, these therapies will either be administered before or after the surgery, depending on the individual’s situation.


A specialized post-surgery aftercare team is on standby for all patients who undergo a procedure. The surgeon, who performed the operation, as well as the hospital’s nurses, closely monitors the individual in recovery, who will comfortably reside within a neighbouring department of the unit.

At the American Hospital Dubai, we have augmented a recovery programme, specifically devised to ensure a fast recovery with as few difficulties as possible. Our aim is to ensure a patient’s comfort, from their initial consultation to their discharge.