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Orthopedic Clinic In Dubai

The Best Orthopedic Surgery in the Middle East


The American Hospital Dubai is home to the region’s best Middle Eastern orthopedic service. The department is led by a team of world-class, board-certified doctors, who possess an accumulated 46 years worth of experience. Providing the Gulf region with expert orthopedic care, their wealth of knowledge allows them to determine difficult diagnoses accurately and subsequently, treat them with the highest quality of patient care.

The AHD’s orthopedic department has earned a reputation for combating the most problematic cases. Using pioneering medical equipment and innovative techniques and procedures, our doctors provide a diverse range of solutions, ranging from complex emergency surgery to comprehensive post-operation management.

Our doctors distinguish themselves by using advanced technologies at the cutting-edge of science, including:

At American Hospital Dubai, we take pride in performing successful and personalized treatments, offering our staple quality care to all individuals, ranging from infants to the elderly.



Our experienced team of doctors are supported by the in-house state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. The doctors’ collective depth of knowledge and expert understanding allows them to provide quality, personalized care to each and every patient.

As board certified orthopedic surgeons, our specialists confidently diagnose, treat and operate within a variety of orthopedic subspecialties, including hand, wrist, shoulder and knee surgery, reconstruction and joint replacement, as well as trauma surgery. Our doctors perform the surgery using progressive minimally invasive techniques, such as arthroscopy and pioneering joint replacement systems.

We strive to consistently diagnose with precision to allow for an effective treatment. Our main focus is to deliver excellent results to the patient, with care, quality and success. Generally, diagnoses begin with a formal and detailed study of a patient’s medical history, as well as a thorough examination of their physical health. This will be followed by supplementary tests, using MRI and CT scanners. However, it is through the use of the arthroscope that a more detailed diagnosis is made.


Prior to the operation, our expert surgeons utilize minimally invasive techniques, such as arthroscopy, a procedure, which is used to examine, diagnose and consequently treat issues that occur within the joints. The procedure involves the surgeon inserting gracile tools fitted with fibre optic lighting into a minute incision. The probe is fitted with an extremely small camera, enabling the surgeon to determine the scope of the problem, without causing unnecessary damage to the patient.

For patients who require partial or full joint replacement, AHD uses only the most advanced solutions available, namely, the Nexgen Systems. These systems afford patients up to an impressive 155 degrees of joint movement, facilitating a return to mobile everyday routines. We are proud to give individuals the chance to live a dynamic and fully functional life.

After surgery, all patients’ needs are met with an individualized rehabilitation and management care programme, designed to allow individuals to return to normal life, in a swift and safe manner.

Our full list of services includes:


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