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Insurance FAQ

What are the Insurance companies that are accepted at American Hospital Dubai (AHD)?

Please refer to the list of Insurance payers on the website under Insurance affiliates.


Is my insurance card eligible for direct billing at AHD?

Please refer to the list of Insurance companies on the website for the card types.


Am I covered for delivery and maternity services?

For maternity and delivery services on direct billing, kindly confirm with your insurance company alternatively refer to the policy manual that was provided by the Insurance Company.


What maternity/delivery packages are available at your hospital?

Please refer to Maternity Packages for details.


My company wants me to seek an approval for re-imbursement of my surgery/procedure, how should I proceed?

Please follow the process of preauthorization based on the guidelines provided by your Insurance Company.


I need to get my medical and investigation reports, whom should I contact?

You need to contact Medical Records department, release of medical information coordinator, please go to the Medical Records page.


Is my medical information safe with AHD and third party insurance?

Click on the tab medical records for more information.


I have a Pending Inpatient authorization request, how will I be informed on the decision?

When the requested service has been approved by your Insurance Company you shall receive an SMS from the Revenue Management Department of the hospital.

Alternatively you can send us an email or reach us on the below telephone numbers
+971 4 377 6085
+971 4 377 6835
+971 4 377 6329
+971 4 377 6311
+971 4 377 6863


How does my admission process work?

For an admission, please come to the Admissions office located on the ground floor of the Bed tower building. The staff would guide you through the admission process.

In case of queries, send us an email or reach us on the below telephone numbers
+971 4 377 6837
+971 4 377 6838
+971 4 377 6572


What documents do I need to bring with me before elective /planned admission?

Please bring your valid passport copy with visa page or emirates ID and Insurance card, if you have received an SMS confirming you preauthorization from the Insurance Company.


I have lost my insurance card; will I be covered for my surgery/admission?

A valid and physical insurance card is a requirement for direct billing.

Please contact your insurance company so they can provide a replacement card or a letter which authorizes the service without a card.


What are the facilities for a companion guest stay; will my insurance cover the charges?

A companion is allowed to be with the patient and the charges for this stay are usually not covered by most insurance policies. For confirmation, please contact your insurance company.


What are the items routinely not covered by my insurance?

All personal items like diapers, tooth brush, sanitary pads, and some items like stockings, braces, collars ,wheel chair, mouth wash, lozenges, etc


I live outside UAE and have been referred by my doctor for admission and/or treatment at AHD, whom should I contact to facilitate?

Please contact the International Patient Coordinator


How to make an appointment?

To book an appointment, please go here or contact the call center on +971 4 377 5500


How to make an for appointment for medical imaging like ultrasound/MRI/CT Scan /X-ray?

To book a medical imaging appointment call on +971 4 377 6542


How do make an appointment for physiotherapy?

To book a physiotherapy appointment call on +971 4 377 6830


What are the Clinic Timings of the hospital?

The regular clinic hours are from 8 am to 5 pm. The Urgent care clinic is open between 10 am to 10 pm and Emergency Room is open 24/7


What happens if I am late for appointment?

Please call the clinic reception to get information on the schedule of your doctor, in case you have been delayed for an appointment.


How will I be notified if I have the approval for my outpatient procedure?

You will receive an SMS from the Revenue Management Department at the hospital. Alternatively you can send us an email or reach us on
+971 4 377 6916
+971 4 377 6867
+971 4 377 6903


How will I be notified about my next appointment?

You will receive an SMS for a confirmation of your appointment.


What is the process in order to get the approval if I have a referral from outside and would like to do the test at American hospital?

The clinic or hospital you have been i.e. where the treating physician works should request the Insurance Company for a pre-approval for any test or service that is to be done at AHD. Please forward your medical information along with the approval copy to the Revenue Management Department, You will also need to book an appointment for the test.


What is the process if I need to do a procedure outside American Hospital and will require an approval?

If you need to do test outside AHD, the clinic can provide a medical report along with a referral note. For any service that is under the concept of direct billing with the Insurance Company and requires pre-approval the Revenue Management Team will obtain pre-approval and provide you with a copy for your reference.


How to claim on reimbursement? What are the documents needed and where to get them?

The physician will fill the Insurance Claim Form for reimbursement and medical records department can provide a copy of the medical report (if required) to be submitted along with the invoices.


Where can we file a complaint in regards to customer service or administrative?

Please contact the Performance Improvement Department by email or reach us on +971 4 377 3041


Where can we find a list of specialist available at AHD?

Please refer here for details of the physicians.


What will happen if I don’t bring my insurance card?

A valid insurance card is a must for direct billing. please contact your insurance company so they can provide a document or email so as to avail direct billing.