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Allied Health Professionals

Bariatric /Weight Loss Surgery

American Hospital Dubai now offers attractive Bariatric / Weight Loss Surgery Packages


More Insurance cards now have outpatient and inpatient direct billing services

The Heart and Vascular Center

The Heart & Vascular Center at the American Hospital Dubai is a regional center of excellence for cardiology.


System Analyst

Responsible for analyzing how well software, hardware and the wider IT systems fits the business, clinical and financial needs of American Hospital Dubai/its subsidiaries and clients. Position is responsible for: making recommendations for improvements/enhancements in current systems, contributing to system specifications, implementation and monitoring effectiveness with aim of improving business/clinical efficiency, productivity, and patient/employee satisfaction.

Must have a high level of technical expertise combined with clear insights into business practice and exposure to industry best practices. Knowledge in the assigned functional/business area will be an added advantage.


  1. BE (In IT or computer science related field), Graduate/Post graduate with IT or equivalent degree in accounting/finance/economics.
  2. Minimum of three (3) years’ experience in a healthcare environment with exposure to the Hospital Financial Systems
  3. Exposure and understanding to workflows and IT systems supporting patient billing (Inpatient and outpatient billing), claim processing, account receivable, Financial Systems (GL, AP, AR, Balance Sheets) and definition of the accounting structure is must. Exposure to Supply chain Management system and Human resource Management IT Systems will be an added advantage
  4. Maintenance, upgrades and process changes in the financial systems, patient billing, claim processing, account receivables, payer contracting system, supply chain management and human resource systems. Should have domain experience in working with one or more of these departments. Duties can include application testing, implementation, system integration, system configuration, system customization, upgrades/updates, user training, managing user access, ensuring high availability of application
  5. Analyze requirements (technical and functional) and suggest innovative solutions adhering to the industry best practices. Liaising with vendors and internal clients for resolution of the task
  6. Reviews existing information processing systems, system workflow and IT/Business process to evaluate effectiveness and suggest and implement improvements
  7. Understand the application functionality, reporting capability, interfacing, dictionary build and integration with Hospital Information System
  8. Assist in project planning, responsible for: project documentation, training documentation, change control procedures and escalations in case of any deviations from the assigned projects/tasks
  9. Responsible for end user support in the assigned work area. Works with the software vendors and other internal clients for issue resolutions. Perform Root-cause analysis and recommend permanent fix to the issue. Logs all incidents and issues into tracking system used, referring those requiring a specific expertise to the appropriate person or team
  10. Is familiar with ITIL principles and processes and adheres to established procedures. Incorporates ITIL foundations information into daily work
  11. May be required to participate in rotating call schedule to cover the needs of the customer/users 7 X 24 as determined by supervisor/customer requirements or requests
  12. Developing requirements and delivering projects in a direct working relationship with financial leadership, end-users and stakeholders
  13. Ability to educate and train end users on system workflow, design and proposed changes
  14. High degree of problem solving and technical curiosity to understand underlying application architecture
  15. Demonstrates independent decision making as appropriate when evaluating system improvements and determines feasibility and advisability of system changes
  16. Well developed written and verbal communication skills and interpersonal skills are required
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Assistant Director, Medical Records Department

Responsible for the effective and appropriate management of the organization’s health records from their creation, right through to the disposal, and manages and directs all staff assigned to the Medical Records Department. Under the direction of the Performance Improvement Director, plans, develop and manages a comprehensive health record and information management system of administrative and clinical data.

Educational Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree preferable.
  2. Certification in any of the Health Information Management programs.

Professional Experience/ Knowledge:

  1. Minimum 5 years experience in acute care hospital or multi-specialty clinic in the Medical Records Department and or Health Information Management.
  2. Knowledge/experience of principles, methods, procedures and current trends in health information systems and management of health record department.
  3. Knowledge/experience of current trends of health records data management and linkage of clinical data to electronic health systems, reimbursement, data abstracting and retrieval techniques.
  4. Knowledge of qualitative and quantitative analysis of health records, techniques of word processing and transcription; classification systems, clinical and legal terminology, health record systems design and form control.
  5. Knowledge of medical terminology and coding.
    Knowledge of accreditation, certification and licensing standards, quality assurance standards and techniques.
  6. Membership of a relevant professional association (preferred).

Specialized Skills:

  1. Develop data display techniques and research methodologies.
  2. Ability to analyze and interpret general reports, hospital policies, technical procedures or numeric information.
  3. Ability to compile/write reports, correspondences, and progress reports in relation to data submission, entry and results.


Principal Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Maintaining and securing all written and electronic health records and information.
  2. Ensures that information contained in the health record is complete, accurate and only available to authorized entities.
  3. Coordinate the timely and accurate submission of all regulatory data and information.
  4. Develop, in coordination with administrative oversight, a quality improvement program focusing on safety, security and regulatory within the Medical Records Department.
  5. Implement, with the coordination of IT/HIT, and maintain a master patient index within the medical records department
  6. Assess the need for the development of new clinical templates (documentation {electronic or paper}) and ensure appropriate referral for approval.
  7. Develop and maintain a file tracer system.
  8. Liaise with the regulatory agencies (DHA, MOH and other) under the direction of the Director and Chief Medical Officer and/or Chief Executive Officer for the effective implementation and management of any current and planned e-health activities such as national patient health record, patient portal, etc.
  9. Review all charts, due for submission to regulatory agencies, for completion and accuracy prior to submission.
    Develop and update staff orientation and education programs. , staff job descriptions and staff evaluations.
  10. Develop, update and complete staff job descriptions and staff evaluations.
  11. Ensure the release of information is in compliance with national regulations and laws and hospital policies.
  12. Lead the Clinical Documentation Improvement project as developed implemented and approved through the CMO and Director.
  13. Develop a physician orientation and documentation training program.
  14. Develop a staff orientation and training program (health records, confidentiality and documentation).
  15. Review all requests for release of information, external bodies, for appropriateness and completeness and liaise with legal counsel for appropriate approval.
  16. Monitor compliance to national standards and regulations and policies and procedures as developed and implemented.
  17. Review all MRD sectional reports (data / indicators) for completeness, accuracy and improvement required prior to submission.
  18. Validate, as per the hospital policy, data submitted and analyzed.
  19. Coordinate, with the appointed Chairperson, the Management of Information Committee (MOI) as outlined in the Medical Staff Bylaws.
  20. Maintains confidentiality of all data, information, health records and departmental information at all times.
  21. Responsible for staff scheduling, allocation and leave planning and completes department evaluation at least once per year.
  22. Maintains contract agreements (terms of understanding) of any contracts assigned to MRD such as off-site storage, outsource archiving, filing and destruction.
  23. Recognizes, interprets and evaluates inconsistencies, discrepancies and inaccuracies in health records, processes and systems and initiate improvement action.
  24. Uses reference materials appropriately and efficiently to facilitate the accuracy, clarity and completeness of reports.
  25. Acts as liaison and resource for medical and other staff.
    Manages, as per hospital policies, all complaints and incidents.
  26. Assists with analysis and resolution of complex records management problems.
  27. Oversees and performs the preparation, entering, indexing and retrieval of records and information from computer databases, off-site storage and delegate tasks appropriately to assigned coordinators.
  28. Development, implementation and monitoring of all department and employee performance and other indicators and quality measures.
  29. Ensures that resource allocation is appropriately maintained, allocated, and effectively utilized.
  30. Participates and represents MRD in appointed hospital-wide committees.
  31. Maintains and updates all secured health information as per the policy.
  32. Monitors and advance, in coordination with hospital HIT strategic planning any electronic tracer, filing, tracking and records systems and processes.
  33. Implements and oversees the purging standards, procedures and processes.
  34. Implements and oversees the health record destruction standards, procedures and processes.
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Ensures that the assigned area of responsibility is cleaned according to Hospital policies and procedures. Ensures that the assigned tasks are completed within the duty period and possesses the skills required to operate equipment and is flexible in order to respond to a change of area/task whenever required. Should be aware of the need to use chemicals in a safe manner and to utilize resources economically. Plays an active role in waste management code of practice. Updates Supervisor in advance of any discrepancies, materials requirement, safety clothing and consumables needed to complete the assigned tasks. Ensures equipment is used, stored cleaned and maintained in a safe manner. Completes pending tasks from previous shifts and reports all incomplete assignments in time. Maintains work area’s trolleys and equipment clean and tidy at all times. Ensures safekeeping of housekeeping keys. Ensures that lost and found property is immediately handed over to the security.

  1. Completed elementary education
  2. 2-3 years experience as housekeeper
  3. Strong Physical ability and stamina to perform tasks well
  4. Hospital experience a definite plus
  5. Basic Medical Housekeeping Certificate (JCAHO preferred)
  6. Strong Physical ability and stamina to perform tasks well
  7. Ability to communicate easily with different nationalities and adequacy of written and spoken English
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You can also apply for a job vacancy on our Careers page on Linkedin

Please choose from the category below
Allied Health Professionals