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C-I-CARE Service Excellence

In our strive to provide the best healthcare possible, American Hospital Dubai has developed and implemented a Service Excellence Program across the organization.


What is Service Excellence?

Service Excellence is the management of the total healthcare experience. It is the provision of outstanding services to not only meet, but exceed patient and customer expectations. Our customers are not only our patients, but everyone coming in and out of our hospital. Service Excellence promotes a consistency of high level performance, driving values such as collaboration, teamwork and integrity throughout the organization.

The objective of the Service Excellence program is to create an organization wide Culture of Service Excellence by defining behaviors of high standards. Adherence to these Behaviors will not only raise the bar for services provided at the American Hospital Dubai but will also promote a better workplace. This will be accomplished by the commitment of all staff to the Service Excellence Culture.


The process to develop the program began with the identification of Service Excellence Values.

They are: Communication, Integrity, Collaboration, Compassion, Respect and Teamwork represented by the acronym C-I-Care. The following phase of the program’s development was to set standards that defined each value. The standards were then represented by a set of behaviors which all of American Hospital Dubai’s staff are expected to adhere to. The behaviors are also supported by examples and techniques of the expected method of delivery.

The program is being implemented in American Hospital Dubai’s  processes such as policies and procedures, performance evaluations, interview tools and education sessions. Rounds are being conducted quarterly to monitor adherence to the Service Excellence Standards and Behaviors.  A process for staff recognition titled “C-I-Care Recognition” has been developed to promote the positive approach the program’s implementation is geared towards.

Through the Service Excellence Program, we are looking forward to providing all of our valued patients/customers with the best patient experience and services possible.

To acknowledge a staff member for his/her outstanding adherence to these values ask about our “C-I-Care Recognition” forms.