Mona Youssri

I am a medical doctor MBBCH, with a Psychiatry specialization, followed by an MA in Psychology. Working as a psychiatrist and encountering patients struggling with mental health made me think of how I can have a role in reducing the struggles. So, as it is known that environment can have a significant role in stimulating mental illness specifically for those genetically predisposed, I decided to work with parents and Teachers on regulating the environments where children are nurtured into healthy well-balanced human beings. Being very passionate about children wellbeing and safeguarding, I use Play Therapy methods and conduct parent-child play assessments to treat parent- child interaction problems. I also work with children showing behavioral problems mostly using play therapy methods and behavioral management techniques. I also conduct and design programs for; teachers' workshops as well as parenting lectures, in addition to designing school counseling systems including training and supervision of school counselors. I am always very passionate about my work and always give it my best, as I believe anyone in the profession of helping people, should always have a genuine desire to support people and help them improve their lives.

Spoken Languages : Arabic, English
Types of Physician : Full-time
DHA License : Clinical Psychologist
Branches : American Hospital Jumeirah Clinic


  • MA Psychology, American University Cairo, Egypt,
  • MBBCH Medicine & Surgery, Cairo University (Kasr Aeiny), Egypt,

Professional Associations:

  • MEPA (Middle East psychological Association)
  • ACAMH (Association for child and adolescent mental health)
  • A lifetime member of the International Honor Society in psychology (PSI CHI).

Professional Experience:

  • Senior Family and couples Counselor & Psychologist, American wellness Center, UAE,
  • Clinical Director, Hayati Health Center, UAE,

Clinical Expertise & Services Offered:

  • Parent-Child Relationship Training, Couples and Family Counseling, Behavior Management Coaching, Classroom Management Coaching, Coping with Separation and Divorce, Blended Families, Social Skills Training & Friendship Skills, Anger Management training, Anti-bullying Strategies & Assertiveness Training.
  • Empathy training for bullying and aggressive children, Play Therapy & Sand Therapy for trauma, nightmares, selective mutism, anxiety, phobias, sexual abuse prevention & Treatment.
  • School Observations & Consultations (Designing strategies for safe schools), Parenting Workshops, Parent-Child Relationship improvement course, Teacher Training Courses, Caregiver training, Reggio-Emilia Early childhood educational approach training for nurseries and Schools.
  • Cognitive-behavioral Therapy CBT for adults and children.