Marwa Elhady

In over 15 years Dr. Marwa Elhady is a Specialist Pediatrics, breastfeeding & lactation consultant in UAE Medcare & Prime healthcare Facility and ministry of health hospitals in Egypt with experience in pediatric care management from the neonatal period to the teenagers. She has tremendous experience in diagnosing and managing of general pediatric cases, with an excellent diagnostic approach and she is confident treating all pediatric disorders and diseases. Dr. Marwa has attained her medical degree from the University of Alexandria, Egypt and completed her master’s degree in pediatrics at Alexandria University Hospital in Egypt, she is a certified breastfeeding and lactation consultant.

Spoken Languages : Arabic, English
Types of Physician : Full-time
DHA License : Specialist Pediatrician
Branches : American Hospital Dubai
American Hospital Mira Clinic


  • Master in pediatrics, Alexandria University, Egypt
  • International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant
  • Bachelor degree in medicine, Alexandria university, Egypt

Professional Experience:

  • Specialist pediatrician, breast feeding and lactation consultant, Medcare hospitals and clinics, Dubai, UAE
  • Specialist pediatrician, breast feeding and lactation consultant, Prime Barsha heights, Dubai, UAE
  • Specialist pediatrician, breast feeding and lactation consultant, Alexandria Ministry of health Hospitals and clinics, Egypt
  • Pediatric resident, Alexandria university hospital, Egypt
  • Pediatric resident, Alexandria Ministry of health hospitals, Egypt

Clinical Expertise & Services Offered:

  • Pediatric Scope of service Diagnosing and Management of Pediatric medical conditions from new-born to adulthood, (Respiratory infections, Gastroenteritis and cases of dehydration, UTI) Pediatric Emergency such as DKA, Respiratory distress conditions including asthma, Croup,etc) Neonatal assessment and resuscitation, Follow up for most serious neonatal diseases. Management of Allergic conditions, Respiratory tract including Asthma, Sinusitis and All skin, food allergies. Management of Anemia and many of blood diseases, Renal diseases including Nocturnal enuresis and nephrotic syndrome. Ordering, performing, and interpreting diagnostic tests (Laboratory and radiological investigations) Collecting, recording, and maintaining patients' information and histories. Prescribing and administering treatments, therapies, medications and other specialized medical care. Explaining procedures and discussing test results or prescribed treatments with parents. Management of childhood obesity, underweight and provides diet plans. Monitoring patients' conditions and progress, Growth and nutrition development. Directing, coordinating, consulting with, and referring patients to assistants, specialists (Orthopedic, Ophthalmology, Pediatric Surgeon), therapists, and other medical staff Advising patients, parents, and guardians on diets, activities, hygiene, and disease prevention. Prepare and administer vaccines according to the governmental vaccination plan Conducting research and remaining up to date on current trends, discoveries, and developments in the field. Lactation &Nutrition Consultant Providing lactation assessment, management, education and instruction triage about breast feeding, and prenatal education as appropriate Offering post-delivery consultative care to patients: breastfeeding/chest feeding, family bonding and planning, etc. Coordination and management of care for patients, including those with complex needs Communicating effectively with patients, families, physicians, and coworkers, being an advocate for the patient at all times Evaluating patient's response to care and initiates independent and/or collaborative changes where appropriate.