Belinda Daou

American/Lebanese Clinical Dietitian with over 8-years of experience and practice in Nutrition & Dietetics from Beirut, Lebanon and the UAE. She holds diverse expertise in therapeutic Nutrition as well as dietary treatment methods for nutrition-related diseases and conditions. This includes a wide range of knowledge and experience in Weight-loss strategies/ Metabolism Repair/ Nutrition for Mental Health as well as Pre/Post Bariatric Surgery Care / Cardiovascular Diseases/ Diabetes/ Thyroid Disorders/ Cancer and other nutrition-related diseases.

Spoken Languages : Arabic, English
Types of Physician : Full-time
DHA License : Clinical Dietician
Branches : American Hospital Dubai
American Hospital Jumeirah Clinic


  • B.S in Nutrition & Dietetics, Notre Dame University, Lebanon

Professional Experience:

  • Clinical Dietitian & Pediatric Dietitian, Shamma Clinic, UAE
  • Clinical Dietitian, Flow to Fly Physiotherapy Center, Lebanon
  • Clinical Dietitian, Nawfal Clinics, Lebanon
  • Clinical Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist, Body Coach, Lebanon
  • Clinical Dietitian , Tonic Weight Loss Surgery Clinic , UAE

Clinical Expertise & Services Offered:

  • Weight Loss/ Metabolism Repair
  • Holistic Nutrition/ Dieting
  • Diabetes/ Insulin Resistance
  • Bariatric Surgery Pre/Post Care
  • Nutrition for Mental Health / Psychotherapy
  • Cancer & Nutrition
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Liver Disease
  • Renal Disease
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Beauty/ Skin/ Aging Nutrition
  • Muscle Gain/ Slimming/ Fitness
  • Pediatric Malnutrition/ Kid Athletes