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Allied Health Professionals

Allied Health Professionals

Physiotherapist – Physical Therapy Department (Western Trained & Educated)

Conducts a functional assessment and physical evaluation of patients self-referred or referred from a physician. Plans and administers physical therapy programs for patients to maximize function, relieve pain and prevent disability.

Educational Requirements:

  1. Bachelor of science degree in Physical Therapy
  2. Current National / Professional / state-registered License

Professional Experience/ Knowledge:

  1. 2-3 years’ experience as Physiotherapist
  2. Identifies treatment goals and establishes an appropriate treatment program
  3. Performs appropriate and comprehensive evaluations using accepted protocols
  4. Performs additional duties as specified by the Out Patient Manager/Supervisor
  5. Demonstrated continuing education in assigned specialties such as Neurology, Orthopedics and Cardiology
  6. Excellent English verbal and written communication skills
  7. Basic computer literacy
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Senior Physiotherapist – Advanced Rehabilitation – Inpatient Services (Western Trained & Educated)

Provides direct patient care, conducts a patient assessment and re-assessment, establish patient goals and care plan for physiotherapy services using different therapeutic techniques without or with the utilization of assistive medical devices and/or equipment’s. Promotes patient’s physical wellness and treatments that includes the ability to move, to prevent or reduce pain, to enable and restore function and prevent physical disability. In addition, to collaborate and establish working relationship along with other clinical individuals and/or multi-disciplinary team to discuss patient’s goals and plan of care in order to prevent the loss of physical functionality and mobility before it occurs by identifying the treatment, developing fitness and wellness oriented programs to maintain a healthier and more active lifestyles of individual patients.
Treat patients according to the established goals and plan of care which are clinically indicated, appropriate and prescribed by the Consultant and/or the Physician and agreed upon by the patient and/or patient’s caregiver and following the clinical policy and procedures of the department. Provide clinical and technical support to junior Physical Therapist, Physiotherapy Assistant, Occupational Therapist, Nurses, Speech Pathologist, Respiratory Therapist and visiting student interns when required.

Educational Requirements:

  1. Bachelor Degree of Science in Physiotherapy
  2. Current license of practice in country of origin or country point of hire and/or Dubai Health Authority (DHA), United Arab Emirates

Professional Experience/ Knowledge:

  1. Minimum of two 3-4 years’ experience post certification as a Physiotherapist
  2. Excellent English verbal and written communication skills
  3. Determines diagnosis of the physical impairments or movement-related functional limitations, prognosis, plan of therapeutic intervention and frequency/duration of intervention
  4. Knowledge of pathologies and injuries that result in physical impairment
  5. Knowledge of evaluation and treatment methodologies as applied to complex patients
  6. Knowledgeable, skilled and independently competent to perform the clinical procedure (electrotherapeutic modalities)
  7. Knowledge of equipment’s used
  8. Knowledge of legal issues affecting the practice of Physical Therapy
  9. Ability to clinically supervise, train and evaluate students/interns
  10. Ability to communicate, both verbally and in writing, clearly, concisely and effectively with patients, families, co-workers, visitors, supervisors and other health professionals
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The role of Lead Radiation therapist encompasses supporting and assisting the radiotherapy department in all aspects of its workflow from referral, treatment delivery to follow up. This will involve mould room tasks, localization and planning, treatment delivery and patient management and care. The radiation therapist shall adhere to these tasks according to established departmental practices and standards. In addition to the normal work, the Lead Radiotherapist should involve in all managerial or administration work of Radiotherapy department.

Educational Requirements:

  1. BSc. Degree in Radiotherapy from an accredited university or equivalent
  2. Current National / Professional / state-registered License
  3. Master’s degree in Radiotherapy is desirable

Professional Experience/ Knowledge:

  1. 10 years’ experience as Radiotherapy Radiographer
  2. Lead Radiotherapy technologist must have sound knowledge of Human anatomy, Physiology, pathology and medical terminology
  3. Lead Radiotherapy technologist must have Sound knowledge of Radiation safety and safe handling of radiation sources and radiation equipment’s
  4. Lead Radiotherapy technologists must remain sensitive to the needs of the patient through good communication, patient daily assessment, patient monitoring and patient care skills
  5. Evidence of continuing education
  6. Excellent English verbal and written communication skills
  7. Managerial/ administration experience

Specialized Skills:

  1. Provides direct daily supervision to the Radiation Therapists’ performance and the treatment delivery process to ensure timely, safe, efficient and cost effective patient care.
  2. Plans, schedules, and organizes work for group ensuring proper distribution and delegation of assignments and efficient utilization of personnel, space, and facilities.
  3. Will perform radiation therapy duties and procedures as staffing and workload dictates.
  4. Collaborates with Physicians, Physicists, Dosimetrists, Nursing, and support staff to plan and implement corrective actions in order to improve treatment delivery Standards.
  5. Maintain required unit records, reports, and statistics for administrative purposes, ensure compliance with established hospital policies, procedures, objectives, PI (Performance Improvement), safety, environmental and infection control
  6. Participates in the hiring process, provides orientation, on-going training and education, assists in performance evaluation, implements disciplinary actions, and other related activities.
  7. Plan, schedule, and organize work for group ensuring proper distribution and delegation of assignments and efficient utilization of personnel, space, and facilities
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Technician – Pharmacy Department

Assists pharmacists in providing quality pharmaceutical care in accordance with U.A.E regulations, standards of JCAHO, and established departmental procedures. Specifically helping to coordinate unit dose distribution and outpatient dispensing activities.


  1. Pharmacy Diploma or equivalent
  2. Current license from country of origin preferred
  3. Three (3) experience in hospital Pharmacy setting
  4. Knowledge of medical/pharmaceutical terminology, abbreviations, and symbols
  5. Excellent English verbal and written communication skills
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Sonographer/Ultrasound Technologist, Medical Imaging Department (Female Western educated & trained)

The primary function is to perform all Ultrasound examinations within the units/clinics and the Medical Imaging Department of the American Hospital/Clinics.To be part of all procedures and processes that allow the Ultrasound division of the Medical Imaging Department, in providing a high standard of service and patient care by assessing,monitoring,participating and assisting in the daily administration duties, infection control /risk management, quality improvement and departmental/Hospital wide in-services.


  1. Bachelor Degree/ Diploma in Diagnostic Ultrasound/ Medical Imaging of Minimum three(3) years Course Duration
  2. Active home country registration from the concerned medical council
  3. DHA License/ DHA Eligibility holders must have positive Dataflow (PSV) report
  4. Applicant must have minimum of three (3) years experience in an all areas of Ultrasound Imaging e.g : General, Abdominal, Small parts, Ob/Gyn, Doppler, Vascular, Musculo-skeletal, Neonatal as well as Guided Biopsies/aspirations and Amniocentesis studies are required
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Respiratory Therapist, Cardiopulmonary Department

To provide the cardiopulmonary clinical services to the neonatal, pediatric and adult patients in accordance with the diagnostic objectives established by the attending Physicians, the CPD Director, the CPD Medical Director, the Chief Operating Officer, the Pulmonary Consultants and the AHD / CPD Respiratory Care clinical guidelines and policy procedures. To competently perform a safe and therapeutic respiratory care services as clinically indicated for the all patients in order to achieve efficacious, accurate and quality results as per evidence based clinical guidelines and policy established by the department and the Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA) requirement. To provide a holistic and compassionate patient care, maintain patient advocacy and offer excellent customer service and professionalism


  1. A Graduate of Bachelor’s Degree Program in Respiratory Care from Asia with the accreditation from the Committee of Respiratory Care in North America or from the country of professional practice in respiratory care.
  2. A Minimum of two (2) years postgraduate clinical experience as a Respiratory Care Practitioner or Respiratory Therapist.
  3. A minimum of two (2) years critical care experience in the neonatal and adult intensive care units and pediatric intensive care unit is preferred.
  4. An experience with basic Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) and Respiratory Home Care Services is preferred.
  5. Current Home Country Registration from the concerned Medical council
  6. Must have valid ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certification from American Heart Association
  7. DHA/HAAD/MOH/ DHCC license holder must provide clear PSV report copy.
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Occupational Therapist, Advanced Rehabilitation – Inpatient Services (Female Western educated & trained)

Facilitates development and rehabilitation of patients with mental, emotional, and physical disabilities by planning and administering medically prescribed occupational therapy.


  1. Bachelor degree or Diploma from an accredited institution in Occupational Therapy minimum of three (3) years course duration.
  2. A least two (2) years experience post certification in the Occupational Therapy (Adult) Field
  3. Home Country Registration from the concerned Medical council
  4. Must have DHA Eligibility letter / DHA License and valid PSV report
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  1. Degree/Diploma Authenticated by UAE Embassy in country from which certificate is issued

  2. Copy of Registration Certificate

  3. Copy Of Transcripts

  4. Higher Secondary School certificate

  5. Copy of current license home country & country of professional practice 

  6. Recent 3-5 years post qualification experience in a Hospital sitting essential

  7. BLS/ACLS certificate desired



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